Your Windscreen Crack Repair or Replacement Guide

Windscreen at the front of any car is something that can’t be disposed of under any circumstance. It not only protects you from the being hit by the foreign elements while driving but also supports the roof of the vehicle in crash rollover situations. In addition to that, it also supports the airbags in performing the best.

As a windscreen crack repair expert, I can say a damaged windscreen never provides  the same structural integrity to a vehicle as it should. Thus, whether it is just a tiny crack or a completely smashed case, seek a windscreen repairer on immediate basis after a mishap.

Driving with a damaged windscreen is always a risky affair and as a responsible individual you should avoid it. Large cracks and tiny particles of the smashed glass not only obstruct a clear view of the road but may also enter inside the car and injure you and your co-passengers. Just don’t lose your calm in such conditions. If the glass gets completely smashed, just pull off the road very slowly and then assess the damage. If the car still be driven down to the nearest windscreen repair center, take it there. Else, have it towed for repairing. If you have to drive it down, drive as slowly as possible with the window glasses rolled down.

Things to do with chipped or cracked windscreens

Professionals providing windscreen crack repair or replace services suggest do’s and don’ts with chipped or cracked windscreens. The things you should do include:

  • Take a measurement of the crack (Usually, cracks under 10 cms are repairable)
  • Stick adhesive tape over the chip or cracks to ensure the damaged area remains free of dirt and moisture, which are known to increase the damage
  • Seek professional help immediately

The things that you should avoid are as following:

  • Don’t park the car under direct exposure to the sun (The sun rays may cause more damage)
  • Don’t ignore even the tiniest chip or crack, as it may also lead to a fatal accident
  • Air conditioner and defroster place extra pressure on the glass; thus avoid running them in full blast when chips or cracks are present
  • Do not slam shut the doors
  • Avoid rocky roads as much as possible (People of London are indeed lucky in this aspect)
  • Avoid pressure-washing the car

A completely smashed windshield

It is not easy to tackle situations in which, the windscreen is completely smashed. However, experts dealing in windshield crack repair in London have some tried and tested suggestions for you.

In most cases of smashed windscreen, the damage is done by a passing car, which kicks up a rock from the road. Such incidents are normally accompanied by a sound, loud enough to take everyone inside the vehicle by surprise. Don’t lose your calm during those moments. Keep applying the brake slowly and pull over to a side of the road. Never ever give in to the temptation of doing the necessary repair work on your car windscreen in DIY mode. This type of repair and replacement requires professional intervention to avoid serious accidents on road.