WordPress Security Ninja Plugin Review

WordPress gains enormous popularity just after their launching. Because of its easy installation and maintenance features, maintaining a huge website becomes an easy task. Along with the increasing popularity of WordPress, hackers become more active to hack the websites with WordPress CMS. However, nothing to worry. WordPress is a completely open source project. If you are a professional coder, then you can download and modify the code to increase the security of your website. But, if you are just a normal user like us, what should you do?

Well, there is lots of security plugin is available on WordPress. You may use any of them as your security guard against the hackers. But it is an irony of fate that all of those security plugins don’t work well. Only a few of them can guard your website successfully. Among those few special plugins, the Security Ninja is comparatively best. Though it offers a premium version, but you can also use the basic version for free.

What is Security Ninja?

In a single word, Security Ninja is a WordPress plugin. Because of its simplicity and super efficiency, it becomes one of the most used plugins of WordPress. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or professional WordPress user, security is important for everyone. And while you will talk about security, Security Ninja will be definitely the first thing that will cross your mind for sure. If you don’t want to make your website crushed by the hackers, then it will be a wise decision to use a bodyguard on your website. Well, the Security Ninja could be the best guard for your website.

This premium security plugin is being used successfully by both of the armature and professional website owners for more than seven years. During its serving time, it is sold over more than ten thousand times.

Why should you use Security Ninja?

Have you tensed about your website security? Are you tired of testing plenty of security tests of your websites manually? That’s why you should use Security Ninja. After you install the Security Ninja plugin on your WordPress website, it began to protect your website in the safest way. You can perform more than 30 security test just by clicking your mouse. Well, if you do not have much more knowledge about programming and WP, then this plugin should be your everyday companion. Simply click the Run Test button of the plugin and more than 50 security tests will be done within few minutes. However, its duty isn’t done yet. After completing the security check, this plugin will show you a neat and clean table about the overall security system of your website. The test with the green color represents that your website does not have any security issues. However, if you can see any red sign, that means the security of your website is critical. In this case, you have to perform few significant changes to your website. So, make sure that you have a backup copy of your website data on a secured place.

Top Features of Security Ninja:

Let’s find out the top features of Security Ninja –

  1. Security Ninja checks the security issues, vulnerabilities, and holes on a daily basis.
  2. It operates more than 50 security test within few minutes.
  3. You will find different add-on module of this plugin. These modules will tighten your website’s security more precisely.
  4. It provides the protection and prevention of 0-day attacks.
  5. This security plugin offers the code snippets for quick fixes of security vulnerabilities.
  6. You can control and manage multiple websites from a single dashboard of Security Ninja.

Final Words:

In a single word, Security Ninja is the best tool to ensure the highest security for your website. This plugin is very easy to use and control. So, do a try and checks whether it can satisfy you or not!

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