Wireless Headphones for PS4 in 2018

A gaming enthusiast is always tempted to high-end headphones and making an investment into those smart and solid pair of headphones is definitely a good idea. When you are looking forward to a better gaming experience or want to beat your friends in the game, you need to elevate your game and this is what the right pair of headphones do for you. In this article, we have brought you the top 10 gaming headphones you can select from, to have an exclusive gaming experience.

Here are the best and most popular wired and wireless gaming headphones PS4 on the list. Read on and select one for your game!

Before we land upon the list, we have thought to share some tips on choosing the right kind of headphones. Consider these factors when deciding for gaming headphones:

Budget: When it comes to selecting suitable gaming headphones, your budget turns into an important deciding factor. The range of upgrade you can have with the pair of headphones depends on the amount you have up your sleeve for the investment. You won’t the best wireless gaming headsets cheaper. However, we have picked the most budget-friendly ones here in the list.  

What is your gaming machine? This is something you need to pay attention to while choosing a gaming headset. Is it your PC, Mac Xbox or PlayStation4 you play on? Among the headsets we have picked for you, most of them are versatile enough to suit multiple devices. Ensure you choose one compatible with your gaming device, as it would have no worth buying a Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headphone when you have MAC to play games on.

Extra desired features: Besides the mandatory connectivity and compatibility features of these headphones, you will also get some extra features which other headphones usually lack. We have highlighted these features clearly in the product description section as mentioned in the list. Some of the popular features include longer battery life, retractable mic, indicator lights, adjustable headbands, game control on ear pads, EQ setting tweaking, etc.

Here is the list of ps4 gaming headset with microphone in 2018

SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Headphones for PS4

It is one of the best gaming headphones on the list, securing the first position. Though a bit high on the price, its specifications is what makes it worth a purchase.



  • 1 surround output offering clear surround-sound
  • Compatible with PS4, Xbox ONE, Mac and PC
  • Retractable mic having an indicator light
  • Strong OLED transmitter to enable sound adjustment and EQ settings
  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Lag-free 2.4GHz wireless audio with up to 40ft/12m range and more than 20 hours of battery life


In addition to these specifications, one should also note the 800 powered two lithium-Ion batteries giving an unbeatable experience of smooth and long gaming hours. Despite being wireless, its latency level is highly impressive. You can stay confident about the superb sound stream throughout the gaming time.

The pair of headphones has comfortable memory foam ear cushions, closed ear-cups and padded adjustable headband. It is available in different colours and presently stand among the best wireless headphones compatible with PS4 available in the market.

Turtle Beach – Elite Pro Tournament Wireless Headphones for PS4

Second on the list comes the Turtle Beach – Elite Pro Tournament  wireless gaming headsets, highly recommended for the people conscious about the budget.


  • 1 Dolby surround-sound
  • Zero static and latency
  • 50mm Nanoclear Speakers
  • Pro Gaming Mic with TruSpeak Technology with Aerofit Ear Cushions
  • High versatility with Xbox, Mac, PS4 and PC
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries


Its add-on specifications involve the removable mic and master volume controls and built-in digital signal processor for better gaming quality. Even if not a pro studio quality headset, it is exclusively into an affordable budget.

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless Headphones for PS4

If you are looking for any other cheaper wireless gaming headphone, we have got one from Logitech for you. The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is considered to be the favourite of gamers looking for affordable and high-end pair of headphones.


  • 7.1 Dolby® Surround, or 7.1 DTS Headphone: X Surround Sound
  • 10 hours battery life
  • Attached noise-restricting microphone
  • 4 Ghz connection to enjoy lag-free gaming
  • Two Lithium-Ion batteries


These specifications are evident of its high quality signal and sound features. The headset consists of in-game controls. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most affordable gaming headsets saving you money and improving gaming experience at the same time.

CREATIVE – Sound Blaster Evo Wireless Hea Wireless Headphones for PS4

This fancy name from Creative SB provides great experience in terms of quality and structure. It is quite expensive amongst the other headsets on the list. Well, it is because of its advanced external and built-in features.


  • Surround-sound processor with Bluetooth for wireless gaming
  • Compatibility with all gaming devices such as PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4
  • Super clear sound with the Sound Core 3D Chipset
  • Multi-core sound and voice processor


Alongwth these specifications, it is also highly attractive and elegant in looks, easy and convenient to access. It’s external features include better controls on fingertips such as scout mode, instant mute, master volume, mic boost, etc. It comes with an amalgamation of impressive bass and ultimate highs. It also has an in-built hardware decoder and noise-restricting technology.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headphones for PS4

If you are expecting an amazing experience of PS4 wireless gaming headphones, Astro Gaming A50 can be a smart choice. Know more about its specifications


  • 1 digital sound without lag, latency or interference
  • 5GHz wireless technology
  • Superior sound quality on all the gaming devices
  • 3 individual EQ modes


Additionally, it has comfortable ear cups with adjustable headband and padded ear –pads. Its mini-B USB allows for long uninterrupted gaming hours . To fulfil your gaming expectations from the headphone, make sure you chose the right A50 model as only some of them pertain to PC or consoles.

Corsair H2100 Wireless Headphones for PS4

Anyone who is looking for a cheap but high quality wireless ps4 gaming headset with microphone can go with Corsair H2100 can be the best choice.


  • 2.4GHz wireless freedom up to 40ft + 10 hours of uninterrupted gaming
  • 4 Ghz wireless connection
  • No sound lagging
  • 50 mm Neodymium drivers for amazing highs and excellent bass


When it comes to overall stability and build, the comfortable ear pads with microfiber and adjustable head band ensures high comfort throughout long gaming hours, avoiding headphone fatigue. Moreover, it also has the noise-cancelling unidirectional mic offering exceptional sound clarity. What are you waiting for? Purchase the busget-friendly set of headphones right away!

Razer ManO’War Wireless Headphones for PS4

Believe it or not, but Razer brand color schemes are extremely attractive and eye-catchy, especially if it is the fantastic gaming gear you seek to purchase.


  • 2.4 GHz wireless technology with a 12+2 meter range capability
  • 1 digital quality surround sound
  • PC and PS4 microphone headset
  • Retractable mic
  • Gaming controls on the ear cups for easy access
  • 50mm Neodymium magnetic drivers


On purchasing this headset, you will have an economic, high quality pair of gaming headphones for an excellent gaming experience. It is neither too cheap nor too expensive. You get the piece at the best price in the market.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Premium Wireless Headphones for PS4

So, this is the second model from the Turtle Beach series. Let us directly move to its exclusive specifications.


  • Windows Sonic Surround Sound with Bluetooth connectivity and Glasses friendly comfort
  • 1 Dolby surround sound
  • 20 Hz – 20 kHz standard frequency
  • noise-cancellation and bluetooth connectivity
  • 50 mm Neodymium drivers for digital sound quality
  • Built-in battery for uninterrupted gaming sessions
  • USB transmitter


In addition to these features, this PS3 and PS4 headset also has the noise cancelling dual boomless microphones. You will have all the controls on fingertips for master and mic monitor, audio mute, volume, etc right on your ear pad.

Creative Sound Blaster Evo ZxR Wireless Headphones for PS4

This model from the series of Creative SB appearance is considered as one of the solid wireless headset on the list falling right within the economic budget. The best part is it is a comfortable, capable and quality solution in the low price range.


  • 3.5 mm stereo & micro analog connection cable
  • Battery duration: Up to about 8 hours
  • AC adapter: AC100V (50 / 60Hz)
  • USB power adapter
  • Built-in 2.0 USB connectivity
  • 40 mm magnetic drivers
  • Dual mic array
  • Compatible with PS4, PC and Mac


Its additional features include controls on the headset such as active profile, battery life indicator, headphone testing, voice options, volume/level control and mixing configuration. The closed ear cups enables the noise minimising feature, giving you an amazing gaming experience for long hours without disruption.

Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Headphones for PS4

Though last on the list, it is also a reliable and affordable gaming headset among all its competitors. If you are in search of the cheapest but quality wireless PS4 headset and mic, this is the best option indeed. 


  • Digital sound quality
  • Dual speakers of 40 mm Dolby surround stereo
  • Easy plug and play usage
  • Dual 40mm speakers deliver full-range stereo sound
  • Wireless connection with 40-foot range
  • Easy plug-and-play setup


Some of its additional features include the noise minimising feature and volume controls on ear pads. Surprisingly, Platronics .Audio 995 is an amazing cheap model offering a smooth and clear gaming experience for the enthusiastic gamers. 

Out of these top 10 best wireless gaming headsets, whichever you choose will provide you excellent gaming journey undoubtedly. Make a budget plan with the amount you can save and invest for making your game exciting and interesting.

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  • Comfort
  • Quality
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