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Why should one consider tourism courses in India?

Tourism courses have gained immense popularity in recent years because of the rising demand of travel professionals across the globe.

Do you love to travel and enjoy meeting new people? Would you like the opportunity to spread your wings and fly with an international career? If so, then a career in travel and tourism is the right option for you. The course will equip the students with the right skills, knowledge and exposure to become a successful professional.

Benefits of Travel and Tourism Programs
Travel and tourism is one of the most rewarding and appealing sectors in the world. Pursuing one of the best tourism courses from a prestigious institute in India provides vocational training and helps the students to develop powerful business management and communication skills, thus broadening their career prospects. Travel and tourism graduates gain knowledge about structures, operations and services of the tourism industry. They also learn about the operations of airlines, hotels, tour operators and tourist boards. Through a combination of academic and vocational study in tourism programs, candidates get information concerning the issues relating to social responsibility and sustainability within the tourism industry. Besides, one also learns about the relationships between clients and the providers of tourism services. These programs equip the students with a vast range of transferable skills such as presentation skills, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, IT skills, and communication and research skills with a high focus on the customer.

Travel and Tourism: Eligibility Criteria
There are diploma, certificate, graduate-level and post-graduate courses available in this exciting industry. The minimum eligibility for admission into travel and tourism courses at the graduate-level is usually 10+2 pass, while at post-graduate level, minimum eligibility is graduation in any area. Moreover, one also has to pass the entrance test, group discussion and personal interview. It would be highly beneficial for students if they have expertise in minimum one foreign language. The eligibility criterion for certificate course is also 10+2.

An outgoing and friendly personality, verbal fluency, and the ability to handle people are some of the key skills required to be victorious in this area. You are also required to have complete knowledge concerning tourist destinations, traveling, business tactics and social etiquette.

Job Prospects
A good course in travel and tourism teaches you about different tourist attractions, experiences and destinations, how to communicate with customers, emerging trends in the sector, planning of events, itineraries and more. After completion of the program, you can find employment both in the private as well as public sector. In the private sector, one can secure a job in a hotel, travel agency, cargo company, transport agency, airline and much more; while in the public sector, one can find employment with Departments and Directorates of tourism of the states and central governments.

The best thing about this sector is that you can always move up the career hierarchy very fast and can establish your own business after gaining some practical experience working in this industry.

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