Why are custom website development always a good option?

If you are on the verge of starting a business or just wanting to extend your business to the online world, you might have thought about having your own website. Usually, at the outset, entrepreneurs do not dwell much on things like frameworks, platforms, and practices to lay down the features. Yet! When you dig deeper into the core of this question, you may have to choose between a one-size-fits-all CMS platform and a custom website development. Before making any decisions, you need to know what is what.

An off-the-shelf CMS is actually a software that offers a collection of the per-defined features used content management that can be personalized as per the needs. A majority of them are open-source code platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. they can be modified or customized using free or paid plugins. Sound cool? Do not forget about the flip side. Along with many benefits, these platforms come with a bunch of problems and security. Moreover, if there will be a requirement of extra functionalities, that are not with covered by plugins, it is going to need rare, high-level competent developers, who are very over-priced, to fine-tune present plugins or build new ones.

Are you thinking about the custom websites now? Let us discover advantages it offers!


Utmost Security

Security concerns are only for the websites that host transactions. Really? Think again! Whether your website supports financial transaction or not, the security of your website is the main priority. Then you need to stay beware of the canned CMS platforms that can easily be victimized by massive hacker attacks.

Even though your project does not handle transactions and sensitive information, cyberpunks still may be involved in accessing your content. Let’s say you are a dentist and your website houses the personal information of your patients’. The information can be misused and your business can be easily defamed for being vulnerable to such attacks.


Unlimited flexibility

While the widely recognized off-the-shelf CMS tools offer many solutions, they still pose limitations and usually concentrate on certain areas. Creating a custom website from scratch gives you the freedom of executing functionalities that exactly reflect your requirements.

If you are eager to have a custom website, you are not going to face limitations of any sort when it comes to adding new, complex, or desired features. Agree! The off-the-shelf CMS generally allow adjustments in their plugins, still, there are compromises that you need to make, with the passage of time, your project will grow and need more and more modifications.


Cost Effective

Though jump starting in the online world with a website on the run-of-the-mill CMS platform is usually cheaper than custom alternatives, the further modifications and upgrade of your creative solution with additional features can make you end up paying for an expensive premium plan along with plugins.

True! Many plugins are free, but eventually, you may find that alterations become more and more problematic to do and the expenses of such work considerably raise. At the end of the day, you may understand that the maintenance of custom solutions could be stress-free and inexpensive. What is the point of understanding it the hard way?



People usually approach their prospective web development company with the question why a custom website is better than the off-the-shelf solution. To get the right answer, they first need to clarify the requirements. As stated before, free or partially free CMS solutions are good in the majority of the cases (like e-commerce websites and blogging), they are usually not the best solution for more technical and unique projects.

If your project’s initial road map demands new features, having a custom website development solution is more affordable at the outset. Besides, different platforms are intended to fulfill different purposes and at times may require technical involvement for professionalization of some features.

Yet, if you will get off-the-counter solutions that cover all your demands and need, give it a try. This will save you enough time and money, as you want to start a website at the earliest. As your website project starts working, the high probability is that you will encounter the bottlenecks. Sooner or later, you will be needing right customization.