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10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Enlisted

Today, a large number of world’s population spends hours sitting on a chair every single day. Office jobs make you do this no matter you like it or not. When you are stuck in a chair for almost 8-9 hours at long, health issues are no wonders. Sitting in an uncomfortable, low-support office chair puts you at risk of back pain, numbness, cardiovascular problems and some other serious physical illnesses. If you are a working person, you might relate with this quite well. Instead of spending money on health treatments and medications, try investing in an ergonomic office chair for comfort and productivity.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

1. Embody Chair Herman Miller



If you have a lot to spend and you care the least about your budget, going with best option is the smartest move to make! Designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, this model of Embody Chair from Herman Miller is one of the health-positive design chair on our list. The goal set behind its creation was to develop a chair best for perfect health conditions. The designers specially made a consultation with expert physicians and engineers to develop the exact specifications desired to imitate the human spine. It has a moving back which requires no adjustments from your end. As you move, it moves with you giving full support to your lower back, throughout the day.

2. Steelcase Gesture Chair


The Steelcase Gesture Chair is amongst the finest office chairs you can have at your work space. The arm rests provide several postures to sit in, offering great movement all day. You can swivel the arms 360 degrees getting required support for any posture you feel comfortable in. Along with an adjustable height feature, you can also adjust the tension for your back. The model is available in 8 different colors. Grab your favorite color now!

3. Herman Miller Aeron Chair


Herman Miller Aeron Chair has been the first name in the Best Office Chairs for Back Support to have a woven seat and back with no foam cushions. It is the chair that initiated the ergonomic trend by Don Chadwick and Bill Stump. The model is designed based on the body’s biomorphic principles allowing you the pleasure of ultimate comfort. It reduces lower pain with its high backrest and head cushion giving comfort to the head helping in maintaining the right posture. You can choose one from the three available sizes – A, B and C based on your comfort requirements.

4. Haworth Zody chair


The Zody Chair is equally popular and tending as the Aeron chair. Introduced by Haworth, it is the only ergonomic office chair to receive and endorsement by an American Physical Therapy Association. The chair features an asymmetrical adjustment system allowing you to focus problematic areas such as your lower back and makes the chair a comfortable seating for you throughout the day. Its passive pelvic support is one of the reasons the model is popular amongst its competitors as it helps maintaining spinal alignment. There is an optional headrest, in case you want to recline.

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5. Steelcase Leap Task Chair: Platinum Base


The best feature of this fine ergonomic office chair is the patented LiveBack technology. It adjusts smoothly with the shape of your back providing you highest level of comfort when you work even for long hours continuously. It has a gliding feature which helps you go to relaxing reclining position whenever you feel like and focus in your work better. Have this hair for a better flexibility, comfortable headrest and arm rest.


6. Sayl Chair by Herman Miller


It is one of the most affordable office chair by Herman Miller brand, cutting above most chairs in this range. This model is available in multiple colors and made from recyclable materials. SO, if you are a nature lover, this is best for you in every way considered. It involves good ergonomic design combined with great engineering features. You won’t find all the essential adjustments but it is still an impressive model to choose in this price range.

7. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair


Serta Mid-back office chair is popular for its mattress and counted amongst the Motion health and Wellness office chair. It gives a feel of modern branded chair with ergo-layered pillows for the right comfort desired at work. It is a product of eco-friendly combined leather and BIM active lumbar that moves with your movement providing great lumbar support for comfortable posture. You can adjust the height of armrest which is padded for maximum comfort. The armrests have a push button which offers required adjustment when working for long hours. You can enjoy the perks of its lock-out features using the accessible actuated levers.

It also offers a special posture-correcting tilt technology gives a tilt to your pelvis as you lean. This advanced technology in an office chair helps your back have a neutral position avoiding disc pressure a d support to the spine. Eventually as you use this chair, you will feel beneficial results in form of comfortable supportive seat all through a hard work day.

8. Alera Elusion Swivel Chair


In this attractive price margin, it is the most reviewed model of a comfortable and affordable office chair available in the market. It is designed ergonomically and has a breathable mesh to provide a cool feeling all day. Alera chair provides a contoured seat cushion which not many chairs in this list offer. It promotes right posture to reduce back pain and other physical health issues.

Coming up straight with some of its flaws – you won’t get all the required adjustment features like other expensive office chairs. However, you still hold the benefit of adjusting seat height, arm height, tilt tension, and the width according to your body. The aim of the designers behind constructing this office chair was to offer you a professional product creating an effective work environment at a reasonable price.

9. Mid-Back Mesh Chair by Flash Furniture


Coming to the lowest price range, we have a product for you rare to find. This office chair from Flash Furniture is a comfortable, well-reviewed chair fitting everyone’s budget. The main features highlighted includes its five-wheel base with an ergonomically contoured back mesh to offer complete support throughout the long working hours. The best thing about this chair is it fits perfectly for large and tall people who would rarely find a chair at this price range!

10. White Ergonomic Genuine Leather Chair by GM Seating (Please check its price as it was not clear from the resource)


This unique model from the sorted list of best office chair for you is definitely your pick for a comfortable work time in the office all day long. Its ergonomic design and luxurious leather seat makes it the best among all. It offers all the essential adjustment features required including tilt tension, seat slide, angle adjustment, headrest height, etc.  You get a 3D armrest with height adjustment feature and can move it forward or backward as per you seating comfort. It has both back and neck support with lumbar support system and height adjustable backrest respectively.  


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