When to Get Best Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Did you recently get injured in a car accident? Whenever you fall in a situation like this, you should ensure you have a car accident lawyer to manage the case on your behalf. People are always confused as they think “Should I get an attorney after a car accident?” Well, if you are not yet sure about having a personal car accident lawyer, you must give it a second thought. Although it depends on various factors like level of injury suffered and the person who suffered, still it is always important to seek legal advice in a car accident situation. Here in this article we have discussed about the details of whether or not you should hire a car accident lawyer when required to get your insurance claim approved.

Things that matter most to decide on hiring an auto injury attorney

Consider a situation you met an accident but have no injuries at all. Here is when you don’t need help from a car accident lawyer. Looking at an opposite situation, if you or a loved one is injured, you have lost crucial time from household, work or other significant duties; you must seek advice from a good car accident lawyer to present your case filing the insurance claim against the person responsible for the accident or injuries.

Even if you have minor injuries or nothing at all, you should not give away the thought of consulting a lawyer and handling the complicated circumstances all on your own. Expert investigation of a case is always considered valuable, no matter how severe the accident is. Some situations can be best dealt directly with the insurance company but some demands a close investigation, especially in a disputable environment.

The best time to run to your Car Accident Lawyer in Chicago

There is always a right time for everything and so is for consulting a car accident lawyer. Look at some tips on when to get an attorney for a car accident:

  • It’s about a death from the accident
  • Serious injury has occurred such as broken bones and hospitalisation or something more severe and permanent like paralysis
  • Other parties involved such as auto rickshaws, pedestrians, etc
  • Fault is a bigger concern
  • The accident took place in a construction area
  • Your insurer isn’t as supportive as he should be
  • The liability limits are quite low
  • Crucial medical, technical or legal issues involved in the case
  • The insurer involves own lawyer into the case
  • The police report filed doesn’t mentions the accident clearly, getting you at fault
  • The insurance company says you haven’t paid your premium or you don’t have car insurance at all

In a not-so-complicated yet car accident case, you should see a lawyer:

  • To seek some advice on settlement amount of your claim
  • You are not sure about the availability of other insurances like travel and homeowners.
  • Unaware of your rights
  • Perplexed with the insurance policy terms
  • Expert review on paperwork or forms
  • Good knowledge on handling negotiations with the insurance agent
  • Identifying the faith of your insurer
  • Fault might be a matter of concern

Searching for motor vehicle accident lawyers in Chicago and hiring the right person is easy but knowing the importance of a car accident lawyer is what needs your close attention. Despite the degree of complexity of the accident, it is always recommended to consult a car accident lawyer. For the people who do not go with this much needed recommendation, here are some things to deal with smartly without a legal expert.

First of all, dealing with a critical car accident case with the insurance company all on your own can be really daunting. However, if you have already made up your mind to shoulder the responsibility alone, try keeping the ball in your court.

Get your pictures yourself

Do not forget to take pictures on the accident spot. Click photos of any visible minor or major injuries, vehicle damage and the accident scene. Doing this helps you form a strong point establishing the person or element responsible for the situation. The photographs serve as the evidence to the insurance company or adjuster.    

Get the required medical treatments only

Many people think that getting multiple medical treatments (even if unnecessary) can add value to your claim. Let things be very clear to you, it is a myth! People ask what and how much treatments they should undergo after an accident. A straight answer to this is you should seek medical treatments which your body needs. Look after your health conditions and injuries while the doctor decides the treatments required for the situation. Just piling up numerous reports to your insurance claim won’t help get your higher settlement amount.

Excessive medical treatments instead of increasing your case value, boosts your medical bills you need to pay for. People who do this simply waste time of the doctor who could be treating an important patient.

Never submit a recorded statement or medical examination

There are adjusters and insurance agents who ask the victim to submit a recorded statement or medical exam. They sometimes also ask you to have their doctor diagnose you. This is complete stupidity. The recorded statements and medical reports of the insurance3 company doctor is meant for only one thing – turn the examination material against you during settlement negotiations or if your case goes for trial. You are already into complications and have much disappointment to face. So why give your insurer another chance to increase the tension.

If the case is of an underinsured or uninsured motorist, handling things without an car injury attorney in Chicago would be more complicated. Without an experienced and expert car accident lawyer, you are left with only two options – either harm your case or void the coverage on the other. The choice is never so simple. It is one of such complex situations where you badly need help of a legal professional, a skilled car accident lawyer to take you out of the problem with maximum settlement amount possible. Again, never take risk of dealing with the car insurance company alone – trust an expert instead.