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What is the Significance of Pre Employment Tests

Pre-employment test is needed for making selection of the most deserving candidates for the offered positions. Nowadays, different kinds of pre employment screening services are available in the market.

Pre-employment tests:

Screening of job-applicants can be easily made by means of pre-employment test. Some basic qualities are tested like integrity, language proficiency, emotional intelligence, personality, motor and physical abilities, work skills, knowledge and cognitive abilities. Drug and criminal-background tests are included within the process.

Why these tests are needed?

  • You can get the best candidates for the vacant positions of your company.
  • You do not require maintaining any HR-department in addition to other departments.
  • Administrative costs of your business can be effective reduced.
  • Candidate-flow can be maintained consistently without any break.
  • Only verified employees will join your organization as a result of which dishonesty will not prevail.
  • Only qualified and skilled candidates will be welcomed and this will automatically increase the efficiency and productivity level of your company.
  • You do not have to put your head into recruitment affairs rather you can concentrate on other important things of your business.
  • Both time and energy can be saved. You can manage the employment-process of your concern in a more convenient manner.
  • A completely healthy and productive corporate environment can be managed with the outsourcing of employment-screening process.

Key issues:

Before the implementation of pre employment screening process, you got to consider few essential aspects.

  • Test-validity is the most important thing and thus you cannot ignore considering the same. There is some eligibility measuring criteria that needs to be fulfilled by the concerned test.
  • The test should be reliable enough and then only authentic reports will be generated. These reports will help in the easy and quick selection of the best candidates for the offered posts.
  • EEO should be focused so that every employee should get a fair chance of proving his potentiality. EEW-laws should be sincerely abides otherwise court might challenge the test procedure.

Special tips:

  • Correct pre employment test needs to be chosen and its reliability and authenticity should be properly verified.
  • All EEO regulations and laws should be met by the chosen test.
  • If tests are being bought from any external source then thorough research needs to be conducted first.
  • Test results should never be trusted solely for choosing candidates.
  • Extremely personal test-questions should not be asked as that will be treated as pretty offensive.

Pre-employment tests should be conducted so that the suitable candidates can be chosen on the basis of their eligibility and qualities. In this case, you make seek help of doctors in London to know about the legal risks associated with these tests and thus, avoid unnecessary complications.

The test methods should be legally approved and if the court permits it as safe then only they can be applied in real. Your business needs should be determined well in order to make effective utilization of these tests. Pre employment screening in UK is being performed by the most talented recruitment-companies.


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