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What are the things brides often forgets about storing wedding dresses?

What are you going to wear on your wedding day? It’s the most annoying question as it takes time to decide the style, appearance of the wedding apparels according to marriage theme. Even though you know, you get to wear your wedding dress once in a lifetime. But a bride waits for this beautiful day since couple of years. It adds an amazing moment or a chapter in the book of lifetime memories. So you can pass it to your daughter.

Wedding dress has many sentimental values attached with it, which is worth keeping it carefully. In future, your daughter will use it. But before packaging your dress away, you need to keep it white & clean.  There are several things that comprise to host a successful wedding like arrangements, decoration, wedding cards and more. But a pretty bride and classy wedding gown is centre of attraction for the guests. So keep the beauty of apparel remain for a lifetime. But there are several things brides often forgets about storing wedding dresses. Some of these are, have a look here:


Preserving the wedding gown:

Preserve your wedding gown immediately after the wedding. Mostly brides put their wedding gowns in a deep dark storage or a closet. So be careful while storing your wedding gown. You can find many professional preservationists online or in store who can remove stains that could build up over time. Clean your overall dress because preservation process needs every small detail of your dress. For example, the type of fabric, beading, embellishments like pearls, stones etc. For a thorough clean up, you need to act quickly so the stains don’t make their home permanently on your precious wedding gown. If you don’t trust the professional cleaners, you can research best cleaners available in market and check the reviews too for treasured and lavish clothing.

Material of packaging:

Have you ever given second thought before choosing the packaging material for wedding apparel that it could affect it anyway? So be careful while choosing material for storing your dress, because it really matters. The storage container should be acid-free and if you have hired the preservationist then he will offer proper storage for your dress.

Accessories, part of your special day:

Veil, headpieces, crown, sash, sandals, and other add-ons are part of your wedding apparel. Store and preserve them carefully because you might use it for future. You can reuse & wear again the veil, sandals or headpieces and preserve it carefully. Your wedding might appear outdated but these things are timeless so the next generations can use it.

Location where you store the gown:

 Every bride wants to keep their wedding dress carefully. So be concerned while choosing the storage location. You should keep it in a safe, temperature controlled and dark area where sunlight doesn’t reach easily. Excess light and sun-exposure could fade the shine or color of your pretty dress. Often people store it under the bed and find it in pristine condition. There are times you forget about the place that where you have stored it.

Feeling Nostalgic & open it again:

You might be feeling nostalgic and want to try wedding dress for fun.  There are cases when you click a picture again in wedding gown when you are in the age of 35 to create a special memory. So be careful while removing the dress from packaging. Wash your hands before breaking the seal of dress. Many professional cleaners seal the dress while packaging it so consult him before giving it.

Basically, brides forget about these things while storing and preserving the wedding dress. Keep these factors in mind while choosing wedding dress storage because your wedding dress is the remark of best moments of your life.


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