What are the Commonest Vaginal Issues Faced by Women

Women are now facing innumerable vaginal issues and these issues need to be resolved on time otherwise dreadful consequences might be faced.


This is quite an infectious situation causing long-lasting and chronic pains within vulva. Some commonest causes of this issue are vulva’s nerve-density increase, injury, nerve problems, inflammation, hormones and others.

Safety precautions to be taken are avoiding tight-fitting underwear, avoiding frequent sex or exercising and others. Well woman check up in London also founds to be effective in this respect.


Vaginal irritation, yellow and frothy discharge are the most prominent signs of this vaginal condition. This disease usually occurs due to the attack of trichomonas vaginalis.

Vaginal-discharge needs to be thoroughly examined by experts in order to find out parasitic traces. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for dealing with the concerned trouble. But sometimes, sexual-partners also need to adopt few safety-precautions for healthy intercourse.

Bacterial vaginosis:

This is a kind of bacterial-infection causing with the attack of any foreign-bacteria. These bacteria usually lead to the destruction of good-bacteria of your vagina. Fish-smelling and grey-colored discharge might result with this condition.

This is very much infectious and thus it is often categorized under sexually-transmitted infection. Prescribed antibiotics are the only solutions for dealing with this infection. If you want to avoid troubles in your pregnancy with this infection then the trouble should be treated from the very beginning.

Lumps and bumps:

Sudden blockage of Bartholin’s-gland of your vagina might prevent the secretion of healthy lubrication creating unwanted lumps or cysts. These cysts also might occur with the swelling of Skene’s-Gland. These cysts usually occur during vaginal shaving or waxing. Though these cysts are quite common but if you neglect the same for long then you might experience lots of discomfort.

Sensitivity, redness and acute pains can be now well-resolved with the application of warm-compress. Infectious condition can be treated only by means of experienced doctor. At times, surgery is also needed to deal with the situation easily.

Vulvar varicosity:

During the course of pregnancy, this feminine condition might occur. Increased blood-volume together with uterus weight creates huge blood-pools within veins. This condition can be easily avoided by means of avoiding long-time standing during pregnancy.

The main solution is putting-up legs in an absolutely relaxed position. Another good therapy is swimming. Swimming always keeps your uterus in healthy position and on the other hand blood-pressure can be efficiently controlled.

Cold-compress can also be quite helpful in this regard. For extreme case, Sclerotheraphy is the right option. Well woman check London will decide that whether you are in need of Sclerotheraphy or not.


This condition occurs when pelvic-muscle floor or vagina develop contraction and spasm especially during intercourse. You might even experience pain at times and this pain might interrupt healthy intercourse at times. It can be the consequence of either any past vaginal injury or sexual abuse.

If you want to get rid of this embarrassing situation, then you should get a well woman check by any certified and experienced gynecologist. Both psychological and physical therapies are needed in this case. Kegal practicing can be one of the most effective ways of controlling pelvic-muscle contraction.