Welcome New Year By Getting Your Own Brand New Home

2018 is the year to make dreams come true. And perchance if that dream includes a new home, then what’s stopping you from getting one? If you are on the search for a brand new home at affordable rates in an upscale suburb at Kolkata , which is away from the humdrum and chaos of the main city of Kolkata and located in quaint and sophisticated suburbs which are some of the most tranquil and serene places to stay.

There are a few very well regarded and reputed real estate developers based out in Kolkata who are offering some of the best furnished flats, houses and condos for luxury residences in and around the popular sophisticated suburbs of  Kolkata.

Though these residential complexes are situated away from the main city of Kolkata, away from the noisy traffic, smoke and madding crowd, these residences offer  a wide array of facilities and amenities , creature comforts in order to ensure that you get to lead/enjoy one of the most comfortable and easy going day to day life.

One of the most standard parameters of a quality or luxury homes is security. A well maintained home always offers superior security services. So these apartments also offers exemplary security services such as 24×7 security guard services, installation of CCTV cameras at strategic places such as the entry and exit, as well as the garage  etc so that you remain safe and protected from invaders, thieves and interlopers.

Another hallmark of luxury apartments is that they are very spacious. All the rooms of the apartments are very specious with separate spaces for activities such as eating, partying , etc. There are terrace like verandas where you can use the swings to have a fun time as well. There are separate spaces for separate activities like a closet space, study spaces and library spaces.  There also exists separate spaces for activities such as tete -a -tete , breakfast  space etc.

Other facilities of these residential complexes include but are not limited to membership to an exclusive club which offered a wide array of world class leisure and recreational activities – these include a seventy one seater private theater, gymnasium, ample opportunities for indoor games such as billiard, carom, table tennis, as well as arrangements for outdoor  games such as golf, cricket, football, badminton, squash etc. There are also other amenities such as swimming pools, party terraces decorated with  twinkling LED lights. Wide banquet halls perfect for elaborate feasts are also available. The club also has a residential cafeteria that provides delicious lip smacking snacks at affordable rates. There is also a  tiny tots room made for kids or toddlers . In other words these exclusive clubs are made to provide world class and one of a kind recreational facilities to the members. There is also a bar which is filled with the choicest of wines and is perfect for some after work get together.

The entire set of apartments are located near a breathtakingly beautiful lake in which you can partake fun recreational activities such as fishing and boating.

The rooms  of these apartments as behoove a luxury apartment are made of the best building material such as marble and high quality polished wood. The public spaces such as the living room and the dining room are made of the highest quality marble , whereas the interior or the more private quarters such as the bedroom and the boudoirs are made from the best quality Pergo wood .

Luxury residences also indicate an optimum utilization of available resources. Therefore these apartments are constructed in a completely eco-friendly fashion. The rooms have been designed in such a way so that there is optimum ventilation and play of light and air. These apartments provide a wide variety of facilities such as recycling of water  from STP for various activities like gardening and rainwater harvesting.

The prices of these apartments have been kept very reasonable so that it would be affordable to people from all walks of life. The pricing system is very transparent – and all the necessary pricing details have been provided in the GTC (General Terms and Conditions) so as to avoid any unpleasant price changes and discoveries. Moreover there are also  arrangements  for alternative mode of payments like down payments and installation payment  and is created  in such a way that there is no trouble in paying comfortably.

So if you are on the lookout for the perfect home which will be affordable, which will be located in peaceful. Tranquil yet upscale neighbourhood providing all sorts of creature comforts and modern day facilities as well as sophisticated infrastructure , necessary to lead a happy and comfortable life, these real estate projects might be a good bet for you. Contact one of the leading real estate companies in Kolkata in order to get a hold of your brand new dream home this New Year.