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Easy and Effective ways to Repair a Crack in a Window

The best solution for any cracked window pane is to replace it with a new one. But every time it may not be possible to call for a replacement. Thus, one has to know about the simple fixes that hold a cracked window glass from falling to pieces. Just keep it in mind that these are temporary solutions and you need to replace the damaged glass as early as possible.

Quick fixes for cracked window glass repair

  • One of the most widely used quick fixes used in cracked window glass repair is applying a piece of tape. You can use either a clear packing tape or a masking tape, which ever suits you better. Apply the tape over the crack on both surfaces of the pane. This stop-gap solution will help to keep the glass from breaking to pieces. Moreover, it will also hold the water from getting into the crack and make the split wider. Make sure, the tape is firmly pressed on the glass surface.
  • There are incidents when multiple cracks appear on a glass pane. The integrity of the affected pane is most seriously compromised in such situations. The best way out in such cases is to remove the entire pane and then cover up the opening till the replacement glass is put to place. While taking out the glass pane, make sure to take necessary precautions. Wear heavy gloves and be very careful while removing the putty and taking out the cracked pane from its place. You may use thick plastic sheeting to cover up the opening. For best effect, staple the plastic to the frame of the window.
  • Using glass adhesives is another reliable stop-gap solution that you may avail. These solvent-based adhesives for glass are available at any automobile accessory shop. This range of adhesives is designed to flow into the cracks and helps holding the glass together till the replacement is made.

To make it easier for you to understand how to use this product, let us break down the task in easy, simple steps as following:

  • Blow out every possible piece of dirt from inside the crack.
  • Flush the crack with the special solvent for a thorough cleaning using an eyedropper.
  • Stick a tape behind the crack and pour the adhesive inside the crack. You may apply a brush or a syringe for the purpose.
  • Wait till the adhesive gets dried and then, remove the tape from behind.

However, as mentioned above, these are all stop-gap solutions. Finally, you’ll need to call any local emergency glaziers in Kent to provide you with a quick and permanent solution. Keep watching this space for more information on glazing-related topics.

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