Visit 7 Notable Tourist Attractions with Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages

If you are a globetrotter and a night owl, Singapore is the place for you. Picturesque landscapes, cloud touching buildings, and splendid technology will awe you and your family. Regardless of whether you are planning for your honeymoon or a family tour, Malaysia tour packages will never disappoint you. Do you think the reservation of flight tickets, booking a hotel, and researching the best locations in Singapore and Bali will fetch you the best tour of your life? Probably not, as designing an itinerary involves acute planning and serious research. Why not hire a reliable tour company that will take care of your concerns in the country and in foreign as well?

Check the 7 Attractive Locations to Visit in Singapore and Malaysia

Singapore and Bali are nothing short of a paradise if you are seeking the wild and fun-filled activities on the beach and also the tranquility of the night. Let us check the 7 attractive tourist locations to include in the Malaysia tour packages:

1. Kuala Lumpur

– This place is the perfect amalgamation of Chinese, Indian, and Malay people and food. This is the capital of Malaysia and never ceases to amaze you with Petronas Tower, Menara KL tower, Perdana Lake Garden, and other attractions.

2. Perhentian Islands

– Perhentian Kecil is one of the favorite destinations for the travelers who look forward to some adventure at an affordable rate. Go for diving, snorkeling, and other water sports to transform your time into the most exciting hours of your life. Also, the nightlife of this island is worth the visit. Stay on the island overnight to enjoy the night while partying and dancing.

3. Taman Negara

– The name is taken from the local language and it is a national park. It is the oldest national park of Malaysia and is one of the most ancient tropical rainforests in the world. It has a long canopy walkway that allows you to witness the area from a few meters above the ground. Along with the waterfalls, trekking, rafting, fishing, and bird watching; you may also enjoy the sight of the wild elephants.

4. Cameron Highlands

– It is one of the most serene places you will ever come across with a soothing temperature after the scorching heat of the tropical area. Tea plantation is famous and you can also enjoy the trekking.

5. Tioman Island

– It is on the east coast of Malaysia that offers you a splendid view of the sea at a low price. You can also enjoy the different beaches, some of which are busy while some serene. Hire a speedboat to hop from one beach to the other.

6. Langkawi

– This is the most sought-after destination in Malaysia that has easy connectivity with the mainland through air and water. Not only the mesmerizing beaches, it also has the largest indoor aquarium in Malaysia and other natural tourist attractions.

7. Gardens by the Bay

– Witness the cloud forest, heritage gardens, treetop walk, and others under a single roof. This is also one of the best architectural constructions in the country.

Stopping by the Finest Tour Company

Now you know the most alluring destinations in Malaysia, you can enjoy your tour with no exception. However, to cut on the hassle and reducing the chances of losing money, it is important you hire a proficient tour company that will not only take you to the desired destinations but will also take care of your comfort. We, OkToBoard, are the pioneer in offering the best Singapore Malaysia tour package for couples so you can enjoy the destination at an affordable rate while spending the holiday in leisure and luxury.

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