Video Conferencing for Business has Created a Digital Workplace

With the advancements of technology, increasing number of businesses rely on its latest advents to hold strong roots in their respective industries. Giving way to new adaptations, video conferencing for business has brought a smart change in the working approach of both small and big businesses. It is a typical way of initiating face-to-face interactions of officials even when sitting miles away. Yes, today you can save thousands of dollars you invest on business tours for multiple conferences every year. The service allows you to make audio and video calls to one or more partners at the same time. Now, you can have a board meeting with your clients or partners in abroad right from your office.

This significant use of conference call tools has made the benefits of video conferencing clearer. Let us discuss some of its major positives now.

Benefits of Video Conferencing

  1. Minimised Expenditure on Business trips

Discussing your business plans over phone or email is not always a good idea. There are situations when you need to talk to a client face-to-face and this is what made business associates travel to attend a meeting. This led to an extra investment on transportation, accommodation, food and various other expenses. Thanks to video conferencing services for solving a major problem of entrepreneurs. Now, you can crack a deal with a real-time video session with your clients or associates.   

  1. Increased number of business contacts

Sometimes, you need to meet a client in person to talk about important things about your business tie-up. Of course, you won’t want to lose a good contact or lead for the sake of travel expenses. But, you can easily increase your list of clientele or business contacts with help of corporate video conferencing facilities.

  1. Better way to telecommute

It gives telecommuters and employees a chance to develop a digital workplace, collaborating through miles and varying time zones to become a part of a broader team. People can get answers, give feedbacks and discuss future plans freely. Teams in work collaboration from round the world, can call for a video conference meet anytime within the working hours. They can share slides, presentations and other business plans with help of the latest technology.

  1. Improved business terms and relationships

It helps build good relationships between employer and employees, clients and service providers, etc. It improves the clarity of communication through effective collaboration, as the teammates or participants can communicate face-to-face noticing each other’s body language and conferencing

  1. Progressive teamwork

Through audio and video conferencing, teams get together from all over the world across various devices, all data and content. Employees or remote workers can have smooth access to latest information which allows them to make efficient, faster, and informed decisions. This effective combination leads to minimised project deadlines, ultimately reducing the time consumed to launch a new service or product in the market.   

By adapting video conferencing as a part of communication, small businesses have benefitted to a great level. As this new form of business communication is gaining high popularity, there have been introduced various upgraded web applications and services for video conferencing. You can choose from a variety of video conferencing applications offering a wide range of services to the users. Read on to know about some of the most reliable and accepted video conferencing products for small and large business companies

  • SkypeSkype for Business

Skype has got all the upgraded features for small business. It is supported in various operating platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and macOS. It allows the users to attend meetings, share screens, capture videos, audios and record them for future use. It is available to users at an affordable price on a monthly basis. It is supported by Outlook and Office365 that makes the video experience smooth and clear.  webex

  • WebEx

It is yet another flexible conference call tool enable video and audio calls with an upgraded path. It supports Windows, Android, iOS and macOS operating systems. The users can share screens with participants, record meetings and content for track record. The video meeting can be scheduled with Outlook with an audio support for HD voice and VoIP. You may be charged more for adding multiple users.

  • lytespark-for-businessLyteSpark

LyteSpark it supports includes Linux, iOS, macOS, Windows and Android. The meeting can be scheduled with Google Calendar support and Outlook. Unlike Skype, you cannot record meetings but eliminates any complexity of launching a video conference. It is a totally hosted product where you need not download any additional apps to run it. 

  • gotomeeting-logoGoToMeeting

This application supports corporate video conferencing for platforms like Windows and macOS. It is supported by MS Office to conduct meetings within the office integrated with Outlook. It allows users to initiate and stop recordings at their will. It works with an audio support of VoIP or dial-in options. The best part about this video calling app is that it offer a virtual whiteboard feature to discuss business plans with the attendees.

  • Audio-conference-via-join-meme

This particular app consists of almost all the basic features you require to set up video conferencing for business. You can record meetings (with Pro/Business versions), share office documents. It supports video calls using Outlook, Google Calendar and Office 365. The attendees need not require installing any plug-in or additional apps. It helps you set up a video conference for the first time using just your phone number or other dial-in options.   

  • Amazon ChimeAmazon Chime

To take over these apps, Amazon has introduced Chime which is a video conferencing service that ensures smoother and clearer business meetings. It supports various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. Amazon chime is an audio and video conferencing service that allows you conduct video chats with 16 attendees on your desktop and 8 attendees when using mobile devices. It allows all the features like sharing screens, recording meetings, etc. The product is here to give tough competition to the existing services like Skype for Business and Citrix’s GoToMeeting. You can know more about this new launch here.