Tripod Turnstile- the Modern Day Security Device


Safety and security are the primary concern today, there are various measures being adopted by people to enhance the safety of their place and near and dear ones. One such device which I being actively used in places having a huge flow of people is a turnstile. Call them as tripod turnstile, pedestrian gate or railing system, these metallic gates are the best way to restrict the unauthorized entry.

Tripod Turnstiles are a result of modern technology, with enhanced features and integration with access system, the turnstiles have become a popular Road traffic control devices. Turnstiles, when synced together with CCTVs and access system, can become a full-proof security device.

Different types of turnstiles-

The technology behind turnstiles has made it a very diversified product, you can find them in different types, based on your requirement, you can choose the type you want and get it installed at your place. Here are a few common types of turnstiles which are available in the market:

  • Swing turnstile
  • Full height turnstile
  • Tripod turnstile
  • Optical turnstile

Amongst these tripod turnstiles are the most famous one, they have three metallic rods placed at an angle. The sole objective installing a turnstile is to ensure the security of people and premises along with crowd management. Whether you are living in a residential complex or visiting a shopping mall or office or hotel, there are times when there is a huge flow of people which can become a way for unauthorized people to enter the premises. Tripod turnstiles are the best way to ensure that the place is safe and the unauthorized entrants are stripped from entry.

You can find one of these places at the entrance of railway stations, airports, commercial complexes, hotels, restaurants, sports stadium or other public places where there is a need for controlling the traffic flow.

Key features of tripod turnstile

As mentioned above tripod turnstiles are perfect security devices, and their strong features make the popular :

  • They are made up of strong and sturdy metal making it vandal free
  • These metal have high tensile strength making them free from regular wear and tear
  • They require lesser maintenance
  • They have rugged and robust design
  • They can be integrated with access control system making it perfect for tracking employees attendance and keep a record of people who have entered and left the premises.

They are by far the most proffered and popular security device abd all this is because of its features and cost-effectiveness.

Why is turnstile so effective?

The reason for the growing popularity if tripod turnstile is its diversified features and cost effectiveness but, more than this, they allow the entry of one person at a time which gives enough time for the security guards to manage the crowd and cross-check each entrant. Since these turnstiles are controlled by remote or by other access grants system making it difficult for unauthorized entrant to breach the security system and enter the premises.

Where do turnstiles find its application?

You can find turnstiles being used at the following places-

  • Industrial and Building Site
  • Sport complexes
  • Stadium
  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bank
  • Military Base

How can you make tripods more effective?

The tripod turnstiles can be made more effective by integrating the following with turnstile:

  • Sensors like infrared
  • Card swiping feature
  • Coin system
  • Digital keypad
  • Remote Control
  • Proximity readers
  • Push Button
  • Biometric readers and many others

By using turnstile at your place you can ensure that the place is safe and also keep a check on the number of people flowing in and moving out.