Top 5 online Resource for Business Analyst Training

As customary, it is a pre-requisite to know about Business Analysis and what a business Analyst does, before we get on with the topic of the top 5 online resources for Business Analyst training available on the world wide web, which can help you reach your goal.

In simple terms a business analyst makes an analysis of the business domain and documents the systems, processes or the business of a given company. He assesses the integration of the business with the technology and the business model. Traditionally, people who are recruited by the company are provided with the business analyst training by the company itself, but there are many new organizations that require the aspirants to have some kind of certification in the business analysis. So, here is the list of the top 5 online websites for business analyst training.

Smart BA:

There is a variety of training material available on this website. There are different modules that include functional analysis, process modeling, data modeling and much more. The website also provides articles and blogs about the most FAQs, the doubts and know-how, upcoming trends and integration processes of the business analysis.

Bridging the Gap:

This website provides an email course of 8 lessons about Business Analysis. It gives an insight into what the business analyst role requires, what are the challenges and the certifications or skills pre-requisite for the role. There is a lot of free course material which is available on the website. However, for the proper certification one can pay the fees and enroll on the website.

JanBask Training:

The Janbask Training website gives a quick outlook on what business analysis is, what the various future prospects are for a business analyst, why it is important to train in it and also gives the highlight to the various online training courses available on the Janbask training. Some of the various key features and benefits for the students training here is the affordable fee structures, after the fee is paid the student can access unlimited lectures while the duration of the course, Janbask training provides live and direct student-instructor interaction training.

Business Analysis Experts:

This online resource offers free of cost training in business analysis in form of Knowledge-nuggets, that are basically short videos of 5-9 minutes that are crafted to teach one topic of Business analysis per video. There are around 44 nuggets to opt from and the videos also include the various techniques of business analysis and overview of BA. This can be made use of by either a fresher or an expert since it is freely available online.

The Professional Training Academy:

This academy offers courses that are free. The name of the course is titled “The Art of defining complex problems via BA skills club”. The course basically sheds light on how one can define a problem which is complex and avoid solving the problems that are wrong. The course covers the various techniques like Observation, Journey mapping, Interviews and other essential techniques which can be used to solve business problems, There are interactive videos, tests as well as course material provided on this resource that can help the students.