Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

College is a time for not only students to continue their formal education, but also to grow and become the people that they want to be. For most students, it is the first time they have lived on their own, controlled their own finances, be able to completely choose their friends, get involved in serious relationships and truly start to make the decisions that will affect their future. So when it comes to choosing New Years Resolutions, college students will most likely be related to the “Rinse and Repeat” culture of college students and the pressures faced related to living on one’s own and trying to find the person they want to become.

1) Get More Sleep

Sleep is a key element in life that is a factor of ones physical and mental health and well being that college students extremely neglect. By simply sleeping an extra hour whenever possible and attempting to sleep on a regular schedule all areas of a students life will improve.

2) Study More/Improve GPA

Studying more, improving one’s GPA or just attempting to work harder at school is a goal of many students. Working with a schedule, studying in the library, writing out goals, reading before class, and attending class are just a few of the many ways that a student can work to improve their GPA. By setting goals and putting a plan to improve one study habits in writing this will be easily achievable.

3) Go to Class

By attending class it is more than likely that a student will have to study less and will have better grades. Going to class is also a way to keep oneself motivated and on a particular schedule.

4) Drink Less

While not all college students choose to drink alcohol and most do choose to drink responsibly. For those who do not have the healthiest habits related to the use of alcohol, they always have a choice to drink at the rate they would like. By educating themselves about the effects, limits and BAC calculations related to alcohol, students are capable of making healthier decisions related to alcohol.

5) Exercise More  amp; Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Exercising and living a healthier lifestyle is a common New Years Resolution, for almost all demographics. The best way to set out to be healthier is to start out with small steps and to specifically write out one’s goals and how one plans to achieve those goals.

6) Volunteer

Not only can volunteering be a great item to put on one’s resume, but it is a great way to give back to ones community. College students can help improve the lives of others by simply donating their time and talents. A great way to volunteer and keep one’s resolution to themselves to give back is to find an organization to volunteer with and then to pledge a specific number of hours to that organization each week.

7) Spend Less Time on Facebook, MLIA, Text from Last Night, Myspace, FML, and Ect.

Social networking sites have become a huge part of the social culture of college students and other sites are some of the main sources entertainment of college students. Many students spend more time on these sites than attending class or studying. Additionally, many students access these sites during class instead of taking notes. If a student limits their time on these sites they will be likely immensely more productive.

8) Spend Less Money  amp; Save More

The expenses of college are immense and most students take out some sort of student loans or credit card debt in order to finance their education and living expenses. By actively working to spend less money and save more a student will be in a much better position when they graduate and enter the workforce.

9) Make Plans for the Future

Picking a major, choosing a minor, applying to graduate schools, applying for jobs and evaluating relationships are all decisions that college students make on a regular basis. College is the period of time when people make many decisions that have the immense impact on their futures. By focusing one decision at a time and doing immense amounts of research in order to make informed decisions, one can easily start to make plans for their future.

10) Become More Informed and Culturally Aware

Attending plays, multicultural activities, becoming more politically involved or just watching the news are all ways for students to become more actively aware of the world around them.

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