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10 Tips for Successful SMS Advertising to Grow Your Business

The SMS advertising is now an indispensable tool to support your commercial actions.

It allows you to disseminate, as close to your customers and prospects as possible, mobile promotional messages that have a positive role in engagement and conversion.

Learn tips and advice on SMS marketing to make your campaigns a success, then how a shipping application that fits your goals helps you sell better.

What is an advertising SMS?

The sending of SMS advertising is one of the most powerful means of digital communication thanks to its flexibility of adaptation to your commercial strategy and its natural appropriation by the consumer.

Definition of the advertising SMS

The SMS advertising is part of the new forms of direct marketing born of the democratization of the mobile phone.

This is for your customers (potential or not) to receive personalized text messages promoting engagement before, during and after your business operations.

Sending this type of text message is highly appreciated by prospects, the free advertising SMS always associated with an offer or information with a positive connotation. For this purpose, you can use this free service to send free text message to your customer and for promotion.

Promotional messages on mobile are a push marketing solution.

The 5 main assets of a promotional text message

An advertising SMS campaign allows you to exploit a direct relationship that combines power, responsiveness, and proximity to the consumer.

You benefit in particular:

  1. 100% coverage of the population,
  2. an opening rate of up to 95%,
  3. an almost instantaneous assimilation of your message, 4 minutes on average after its reception,
  4. a conversion rate of up to 17%,
  5. an interesting viral effect, each of your messages being transferred to 4 other people.

You can reap these benefits in a single operation, but examples of recent advertising SMS campaigns emphasize the value of integrating them into more global and multichannel push communication.

The ultimate way to design your SMS campaign

No room for improvisation on the mobile media! Faced with a marketing communication space reduced to 160 characters, you must aim for maximum efficiency in the appropriation of your message.

The 10 key rules for a successful advertising campaign

Make sure you follow the following “good practices” when preparing and writing your campaign:

  1. Your recipients have agreed to receive SMS advertising from you (“opt-in” rule),
  2. You have qualified and segmented your contact database for your advertising purpose,
  3. You are clearly identifiable as someone who issues,
  4. Each message is personalized by integrating the first name (or even the name) of the prospects,
  5. You have taken into account the constraints of deliverability, especially the anti-spam protection of operators (sending text messages allowed only from 8 to 20 pm from Monday to Friday),
  6. Your message is striking and accurate from the first sentence,
  7. The structure of your SMS allows a quick reading (keywords in capital letters, line breaks …),
  8. An explicit CTA concludes your text,
  9. You use the “rich SMS” option to integrate multimedia elements,
  10. You have statistical tools for real-time monitoring of the SMS campaign.

Do not forget to indicate also in your message the methods to unsubscribe from your shipments (“stop SMS” …).

3 examples of mobile promotional messages that boost your conversion

Here are 3 commercial SMS templates, which, from the previous tips, allow you to easily animate your customer relationship or marketing strategy.

They focus respectively on:

  • Sales promotion: “Hello Charles, until December 23th, benefit from our special offer 2 products in one purchase, on presentation of this SMS! See you soon. “
  • loyalty: “Hello Buddy! gourmet coffee is available today in your nearest restaurant. Come and join us in this party »,

Ask for investment in your business

If you want someone to invest in your business, just run this campaign for this purpose and ask people to invest. Remember… This will only work if you want a small investment from common people. Just get an NTN number for your business verification so people can trust your company and can easily invest with no fear.

How to choose your application for sending SMS

Many internet services allow you to manage your SMS campaigns. Choosing a tool that is consistent with the size of your business and your business actions is essential for your business performance to really benefit from the use of promotional text messages.

Back to 3 applications that guarantee maximum added value according to your SMS marketing objectives.

Learn to identify the best SMS app for your mobile marketing goal

Do you want to send bulk SMS to acquire new customers?

Choose the quality of the shipping rate and ease of contact management. A provider like SMS Factor allows you, thanks to its privileged links with the English operators, to treat close to 1000 messages per minute.

The reception of your campaign is then almost instantaneous on the mobiles of the prospects. Also check that the import of your customer base can be done from an Excel or CSV file and that your SMS solution offers you the essential tools to maintain an updated list of recipients (duplication, subscription …).

Need to offer richer content when sending SMS pro?

Do you want to distinguish yourself from the competition and improve your return rate?

Communicate with the SMS push alert! More comprehensive than an MMS, this type of message includes a link to a mobile landing page that can host many multimedia elements.

On the Proxima SMS sending platform, for example, you add images, videos, an access plan or a contact form to your campaign. This feature also allows you to create a smooth conversion tunnel to your m-commerce.

Do you have to manage multichannel operations?

opt for an application capable of offering you a 360 ° vision and global actions on your digital marketing.

For example, many companies offer you to send SMS coordinated with your e-mail marketing and your posts on social networks to increase your POS traffic, retain or highlight one of your products.

Consider choosing a solution that offers advanced synchronization with your CRM to simplify and make the most of data exchange on the customer journey. Along with, if you need some research about a specific industry before starting your startup, there are some sites who provides industry updates such as MarketResearch, MarketWatch, but if you want to do this on your own, see this article by entrepreneur

Marketing SMS is essential to seducing your customers

Inexpensive and compatible with all mobiles, the sending of SMS advertising allows you to strongly improve the commitment of the prospect in favour of your brand and your offer.

Playing on immediacy and proximity, it is more powerful than classic mailing or email advertising.

Tracking a few dialling rules and using an SMS platform tailored to your marketing strategy are essential elements for deploying truly impactful campaigns.


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