Things You Should Know Before Buying a Car

Congratulations! A new car is on the way. Wow!

What can be the coolest news than buying a brand new car? Your car will be your friend and guide and will give you the pleasure to reach from one place to another with luxury and comfort. A long drive with your loved ones or an emergency move to the hospital to save a life- your car is with you throughout the journey.

So, you must be aware of certain important things before buying your Love Wheels- A Car.

1) Vehicle registration plate

Every vehicle, whether it is a car, bike or truck needs a ‘number plate’ or ‘vehicle license plate’ for official identification. It works throughout the world. The numeric or alphanumeric ID will give a unique individuality to your motorized vehicle. In particular countries, the identifier is individualistic throughout the country, whereas, others place it in the province or state.

Vehicle registration plate

2) Personalized number plate-

How about a unique number for your car to make you stand out of the crowd?

Why should you get your own personalized number plate?

Earlier the riches buy them to show their status quo. But, now- a- days, owning a distinctive number plate has become a prime importance too. You must have seen that these plates are used in TV and movies for giving a character the greatest attention from the rest. Many vehicle lovers get one such plate for getting unique statement of individuality.

You can keep your specialized alphabets also. For example- Your name is Roger Harrison. You can get a specialized plate imprinting ‘RH 300’ or other numbers. You will get your customized visually appealing number plate.

Many people treat it as an automotive jewelry. In a motor-obsessed country, you will be the pivotal craze with your out-of-the-box number plate.

It’s not only about wealthy people, but, mediocre mass treasure their motors by making them special or an unusual gift for someone very close in their life. Some extra bucks, and, and the customized number plate is forever yours’.

customized number plate

3) Don’t waste your money on unnecessary extras

Are you getting tempting offers of amazing things from the dealer like paint protectant, fabric protection, VIN etching, rustproofing, etc.?

You have to decide whether you will buy them or not. If you can afford and want everything super fine for your car, you can go ahead, but if you find them costly for your pocket, you better stay away. Know that the vehicle bodies are always coated with rust protection elements. Your excess purchases will give a boost to the profit margin of the dealer.

4) Don’t depend on the sticker price

Whenever you buy an item like a car, or, a bike, negotiation is a necessary aspect that crosses your way. Be aware of the sticker price that you see stuck on a particular motor vehicle may not be the exact amount you have to pay. The invoice price is there to help you define a good deal. If you are ignorant about the actual value and minutely study every detail associated with the car, the dealer will have the undue advantage of snatching more money from you.

5) Different brands are good in their way

You can argue by stating that “BRAND Perception matters.” But, it is not the ultimate reason for choosing a car. The actual qualities of the vehicle will give you the magnificent performance that you desire. Most of the people are infatuated with the brand name. It is viewed that at the end of a year, after the ‘on the road running’ of the car, it starts showing degradation. Your choice must be based on the priority and the usage that the car is supposed to render.

6) Safety is the basic lookout

You don’t want to die riding or driving your car. Am I right? Choose your car wisely by categorizing the safety, value, fitness, environmental friendliness, quality, technology, etc. Take a test drive and see if it satisfies you.

Safety is the basic lookout

7) Check the guarantee and warranty details

Check all the details involved with the warranty/guarantee policies attached to the specific car and its manufactures. New customers should know that the car manufacturers are permitted for assigning service schedules to the vehicles and they are responsible to see whether you are getting all the benefits. If you are under warranty period, you don’t have to take the pain to reach the main dealer for the servicing.

Some additional information:-

• You can hide your car’s age by putting a personalized number plate and give it a classic touch.

• Unconventional number plate can be an exclusive selling deal for you. If you want to sell your car later with the ground-breaking plate, or, just the plate alone, the best buyer will approach you with a bag-full of money.

Your car should give you the comfort, peace and power-packed performance. Zip-zap-zoom- Enjoy your car.