Ever wondered what to do When Your Flight is canceled?

Apart from the news that they’ve missed a flight, one of the announcements travelers dreads the most is that their flight has been canceled. So what to do when your flight is canceled? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure that your travel plans don’t get severely affected due to your flight being canceled. Just because one flight has been canceled, it need not mean the end of your travel plans.

5 Things to do When Your Flight is Canceled Or Delayed:

While there are plenty of solo travel tips out there, there aren’t many that tell you what you should do if your flight gets canceled. To answer your query of what to do when your flight is canceled, we’ve put together a helpful list of things you can do to ensure a bit of damage control over your travel plans. Gathering info from several sources such as Quora, some travel experts, and seasoned travelers, we’ve come up with this list of things to do immediately after your flight is canceled or delayed.


  1. Ask your airline to rebook you on another flight pronto

what to do When Your Flight is cancelled

This is the single-most important thing you must do immediately when you hear that your flight’s been canceled. Get the next available last minute flights. You won’t be charged anything for the rebooking and the sooner you call, better the chances of you snagging a good seat on the next flight. Have you asked yourself, “If my flight is canceled do I get a refund?” You should know that if the airline is responsible for your flight being canceled, you are entitled to a refund, free booking, or hotel vouchers among other things.


  1. What to do when your flight is canceled and you’ve checked your baggage

Things to do When Your Flight is Canceled

It’s easier to handle the situation if all you’re carrying are comfortable carry-ons. But if you’re traveling with quite a bit of luggage, then chances are that you’ve already checked them before hearing that your flight’s been canceled. In this case, the airline will deliver your baggage to you at the intended destination but it just might not reach at the same time as you. In the meantime, you can ask for a bag of toiletries from the airline. These are extremely useful and contain all basic essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, ear plugs, sleep mask, and lip balm, etc.


  1. Be nice to the airline staff

No one likes to be told their flight’s been canceled. No one wants to deal with ‘what to do when your flight is canceled’ scenario. But remember that it isn’t the fault of the gate attendant or anyone else working for the airline that your flight’s been canceled. Taking your frustration out on them won’t work. So be nice to them and chances of you getting rebooked sooner will be that much higher. Whether it’s flight canceled or delayed, staying calm is your best bet for reaching your destination sooner. It may not be the business class flight you expected but at least you’ll be able to leave for your destination as soon as possible.


  1. Get a hotel if all else fails

Things to do When Your Flight is Canceled

If you fail to get on the next available flight despite trying your hardest, look for reasonable accommodation for the night. There are several apps that help you find good accommodation near the airport. Rather than spending the night at the airport, you can sleep comfortably on a bed in a hotel. Sleep off the frustration of missing your flight and think about what you can do in the morning with a fresh mind. As mentioned earlier, if it’s the fault of the airlines that your flight’s been canceled, depending on the airline, you are entitled to hotel vouchers. So ask them and make your stay as cheap as possible.

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  1. Just try to have some fun

Things to do When Your Flight is Canceled

Well, if you’re wondering what to do when your flight is canceled in a new destination, you can just spend some time exploring the place till you catch the next one home. You can get some last-minute shopping done, or explore that museum you didn’t have time to visit, or just dine at a famous restaurant. If you’re left stranded at your home airport, don’t do the obvious and go home to take care of some chores. See some part of the city you’ve always wanted to but never had the time to. This will take the stress off of you missing your flight and ensure you’re in a better frame of mind to board the next one.

These are some of the best things you can do if you ever have to wonder what to do when your flight is canceled. While you can’t do anything about it if your flight is canceled due to bad weather, doing the above will at least get you a clearer picture of when you can next leave. So whether you’re booking the cheapest flights to India or someplace else, keep the above tips in mind in case your flight gets canceled. This way, you won’t be left clueless thinking what to do when your flight is canceled in such a situation.