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The significance of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in People’s lives

Health is one of the biggest blessings of God and a there is no such joy other than living a healthy life. Development in medical science has helped patients and doctors in various ways.

For doctors, treatment methods have become more efficient due to advanced medical devices and it has played an important role to resolve health issues of patients as well. Heart diseases are known as the most dangerous disease and it is the cause of the most number of deaths all over the world.

Cardiac patients experience sudden cardiac arrest which is the most lethal condition. In this condition heartbeat of a person stops and if urgent treatment is not provided, then a person can die in three to five minutes.

According to medical records number of deaths due to heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrests are increasing with the passage of time.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is the medical device that is used to treat cardiac patients when they experience sudden cardiac arrest.

Countries like Singapore have faced a tough time because of heart issues and a large number of people died there due to heart attacks but now AED in Singapore is playing an important role to provide assistance to cardiac patients.

People have now taken strong precautionary measures in order to deal with such situations where they might experience cardiac arrest.

This article is going to present significance of AED in people’s lives and explanation related to its functions.

Purpose of AED and its Functions: The basic purpose of AED is used to detect the heart rate of a patient and then deliver the suitable dosage of electric shock to restore the original heart rate. A sudden cardiac arrest is a condition in which it is used mostly.

To use this device proper training is required to make sure that procedure proceeds in an efficient manner. Training is essential because the survival of a patient depends on the way AED is utilized by a person who is operating it. AED Singapore has impacted the lives of people in a positive way because people are now acquiring essential training for its functions.

AED takes 10 to 15 seconds to detect the heart rhythm of a patient in the cases of ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. It can be characterized as a semi-automated or fully automated device.

If AED is semi-automated, it waits for the user’s input before giving the electric shock to the victim’s heart. To save lives of people you have to keep certain things in mind like first AED training service is necessary to avail then it is important to understand that where and when it should be used.

Functions of semi-automated AED and full automated are not much different from each other except that in fully automated AED’s electric shock is applied to the patient automatically without user’s effort. Advanced versions of AED comes with extra options such as integrated display of ECG. Nowadays’ AED comes in bright colors to make its features visible to the users. People are now keeping AED in protective cases near the entrances of houses and buildings.

Alert mechanism is installed in these cases so that in emergency situations everyone can be alerted that there is need to use AED.

Importance of AED: AED holds special importance in the life of cardiac patients because for them it is a life-saving device and the most efficient remedy. Importance of this device is huge in patients lives because it provides the best treatment in less time and time is very crucial when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs because it takes only a few minutes to take person’s life.

It has played an important role to increase the survival rate around the world. Depending on the services of the emergency department is too risky because an ambulance takes too much time to reach its destination and a patient cannot afford to waste time who has suffered cardiac arrest that is why AED is a significant medical appliance.

AED can also be utilized in different workplaces such as office buildings, schools, colleges, gyms and other various places. The benefit of using AED in workplaces is that patients who have heart issues can face sudden cardiac arrest at any time so in such situation it is the perfect treatment for the cardiac patients.

Conclusion: AED has played an important role to save millions of lives of cardiac patients all over the world and still it is the best medical device. People are responsible to spread awareness among others about its effective utilization and advantages so that survival rate can further improve. Appropriate training is mandatory to use this device efficiently so every person must consult a medical expert to learn its usage.

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