The Right Time for Air Conditioner Servicing

Did you notice recently that your air conditioner is not working as it did last year in Brisbane summers? It might be that you are a kind of perfectionist who wants appliances to be in a tip top condition. Whatever it may be, it is always a good idea to take care of your electrical appliances. But, getting the right company for your air conditioner is a matter of concern. There are several other things you should consider before making a call to the specialist. In this blog, we have discussed some for you. Keep reading!

Know the brand of your air conditioner

Instead of jumping upon any random technician for air condition service and repairs in Brisbane, first know about your brand. We know it is the most common think one considers but still there are people who blindly trust upon any AC expert for the join. If you count yourself in the category, change the habit right away. Find an authorised service provider if your brand closest to your area and contact them to send an expert technician for your air conditioner servicing.

Understand the type of air conditioner you own

Basically, there are two types of AC units used across the country – refrigerated and evaporative. They differ in design and operation.  Here is brief information on the two:


  • Works smoother in dry climate
  • Supports cooling only
  • Comparatively affordable to run and install
  • Affected severely by humidity
  • Should be cleaned twice in a year
  • Service it once in a year before summer season


  • Operates smoother in extreme temperatures as compared to evaporative units
  • Supports heating and cooling cycles
  • Expensive to install and run
  • Goes through dehumidification on cooling cycles
  • Clean regularly quarterly or in 6 months
  • Service it between the average duration of 12-18 months

Recall your last service date

If you have a good memory, you can easily remember the last time you got your air conditioner serviced. However, there is no harm in maintaining a written record of your annual service dates. You may also need to know how to deal with air conditioner and Refrigerator Problems. It helps you keep the balanced interval as you know when you need to have the next servicing. Not just the date is important to remember, you should take into account the parts repaired, amount spent and the cause of the problem as well. So, next time when your service provider visits, keep a writing pad handy.

Extend the time interval between service visits

Surprised? Yes, you can increase the time period between your annual or half yearly servicing. Here are some easy tips you can follow to maintain the condition of your air conditioning units:

Refrigerated Units:

  • Keep the return air filter clean
  • Ensure the outdoor unit is free of dust and dirt
  • Check the zone switches are functioning well
  • Ensure proper water drainage from your unit

Evaporated Units:

  • Ensure the pads are not damaged
  • Look after the basin inside the unit
  • Make sure the pump and fan work properly
  • Cover it in winter to avoid any damage to the parts

The right time to call your AC service provider

After you have known almost every point of consideration regarding your air conditioner service, it is time for the right time to call the service provider.

  • Autumn and spring are the right season to get suitable technicians without any delay.
  • In case you haven’t serviced your evaporative unit since last six months.
  • If it has been more than a year since you last got your refrigerated unit serviced.
  • You didn’t have much time to invest in maintain your sir conditioner by yourself.

Call Ideal Refrigeration and Appliance Services if any of the above mentioned points goes with your condition.