The best kept secrets of lighting at concerts

Most of us have been so amazing, open-air concerts. Whether you went to a concert in your childhood or had the pleasure to witness one recently, the fact is that concerts are totally mesmerizing.

While the band’s performance is the highlight of the event, you need to know that the audio system, as well as the lighting, play an equally important role. Today, we will be shining light on using dmx lighting, how lighting introduces different moods and allows the audience to connect with the performing artists.

The Lighting Impact

Lights make everything bright and visible. Whether an event is indoor or outdoor, lighting has a huge impact not only on the performance but also on the stage, the audience as well as everybody’s mood. The flashing lights, different colors, and intensities can enhance the total production.

Imagine that you visit a concert and are unable to see the performing artists on the stage because everything is so dark! Not only will the dull lighting affect your mood but will also affect the photography, videography as well as the band’s performance. The audience, especially at the back will not be able to connect with the band ideally.

If you want to read about the most beneficial tips when lighting is in question, see the given tips below.

1.    Sound and Lights go hand in hand

We usually associate sad songs with dull lighting and vice versa. A great tip the experts revealed is that syncing the lights with the sound can create a huge impact.

If the band is playing a slow song, the lighting can be kept mellow by using a dmx light controller to match it. Similarly, if the band is performing a rock song, the lights can be set to flashlights in different colors and shapes.


2.    Syncing the Lights with Dance Moves

Another trick to creating the ideal lighting is to connect and sync it with the band’s physical movements. If the band moves a lot on the stage, there can be spotlights for each member.

If your band members have dance moves in their performance, you as the lighting expert can choreograph the lighting effects to their exact rhythms!

3.    Let the Audience be a part

What does the audience love? A breathtaking performance as well as a memorable concert experience. If you want your event to be a hit and to be in the spotlight for months to come, you need to make sure the audience are a perfect part of the event.

You can play with the lights on this one! You can directly position the dmx lighting on the audience or flash different lights on the audience when the lead singer hits a high note!

4.    Making your show a Hit!

Sound? Check. Ticket sales? Check. Lights? Well, if you need to create an everlasting impact, you can add laser lights to the mix. Laser lights are event pleasers and can get things rolling!

Laser lights can reach even the audience at the back, showing how you can involve each audience member effortlessly.

5.    Colors are Cool

Who likes white when we can play with different colors. Colors add the extra oomph to your event. By colors, we refer to colored lights. The idea is to go with a set theme. If your stage background is black, you can enhance the entire appeal by choosing red lights or blue lights.

Variety of colors can stir up moods and whether you switch the colors at the change of beat or in the transitional phase of a song, colored lights will create a unique and memorable experience!