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The Arrival of Online Taxi Dispatch

Who knew that the idea of taxi dispatch software would work? Who knew that the whole taxi system will come in your Smartphone and will make booking taxi a matter of seconds? Uber made it possible. They presented their idea to the people but got rejected. The rejection doesn’t matter, what matter is, they tried.

Just After few years, the team came with an outstanding car booking app that was incredibly designed with massive dispatch features. The app was successful in bringing a major change in the taxi industry as it was able to transform the taxi industry into an ultimate global invention.

There were a number of reason why online taxi system was successful in replacing the manual dispatch.

  1. The manual taxi drivers were ignorant and don’t seem to care about the customer. At times they would misbehave thus making your journey
  2. At times, they would drop you before your required destination and you can’t do anything.
  3. You have to pay the high prices of taxi services as they weren’t restricted to any limitation of rates.
  4. Safety factor was a bit concerned. The taxi journey used to be a journey of hurdles as where you constantly seem to worry about your loved ones during the ride.
  5. The conditions of taxis were horrible and at times, you can’t even request them for an ac. The old taxis had the tendency to act as a graveyard for many of us.
  6. Booking a taxi used to be a huge problem as one needs to go to a taxi instant. At times it would count hours in booking a taxi.

The online taxi dispatch transforms the whole idea of booking a cap. It made easier for the people to book a taxi and reach their destination comfortably. The app comes for both IOS and Android and can be downloaded for free.

Some of the reasons behind the success of uber are very important and should be considered when determining their success.

  • Uber maintained its charges very low. Per km charges proved to be favorable for most of the people and it eventually gained people satisfaction.
  • They ensure that the quality of the car is near to new. The registered cars were carefully inspected before they were issued the license to drive uber. That makes their service even more satisfying.
  • Uber car booking app manipulated the safety of customer as it enabled their loved ones to track the ride from home. The app was successful in reducing the risk factor involved in a taxi service.
  • The whole system became organized as the drivers were now jollier than before. The app ensures that the behaviors were maintained well on both ends during the journey,
  • Finding the destination was never easier before the arrival of uber. The GPS technology made it possible to find the relevant destination and follow the map instantly.
  • Car booking became a matter of a single click. Not only customers were able to book the ride with a click, but also they can identify the expected charges during the ride.

Soon after the success of uber, many taxi companies started to appear just like Ola, career and many more. There are a number of other taxi companies that didn’t get the right success mainly because

  • The app wasn’t customer friendly. Customers find it difficult to book a ride, hence they replaced their choice by switching to another dispatch.
  • The charges were kept too high and customers have the choices to switch. While uber has already maintained its prices very low, defeating them is much more difficult game. Off course-that needs an idea.
  • Marketing wasn’t done to the right extent. The idea and the new service were not conveyed to the people, the way it should have been. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that led to the failure of these dispatch systems.

The online taxi system has proved to be of a profitable business and has helped many locals to run a good living for them. From helping the customers in booking a taxi to creating new opportunities for the people, the online car booking app has done a massive job.

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