Ten Amazing Facts about Tour of Britain

Cycling race in Britain has had been too famous. However after having a pause of five years, from 1999 to 2005, the race got the different branding to remember and created the latest cycling news better than ever before. In this year too, the top expert in this brick-and-mortar game is creating too many cycling news to remember.

Every sport associated with Britain got something special to offer. The same theory lies in this fantastic cycling headlines creating event as the race receives the ashes of common people of Britain.

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On the other hand, some might say that this tour is a true definition of the great connection of Britain.

10: 2004 – First Edition
The year of 2004 became the golden one for cycling fans in Britain as it created a great buzz in the corner of cycling update.
After having no race in the past five years, the latest cycling news again came like a bang in every corner of this enchanting European country. In the initial season, the race got started five days before the actual time peg, which is another example of enthusiasm for sports in a nation like the UK. Also, this is the one of the significant reason behind creating the big cycling headlines around the world.

Building the spectacular cycling news is never easy for the most. However, this tour got something outstanding inside its pockets.

9: Bradley Wiggins – First hero
Every race holds a dream that one day someone from home would write the name in the history after securing the latest cycling news of winning the competition.
The year of 2012 became one such as Sir Bradley Wiggins won the Tour of Britain and made a fantastic cycling update in the country.
This great cycling news not just stands the aroma of Team Sky. On the other hand, created great cycling headlines for every media portal. Sir Bradley Wiggings is one of the handful from his nation to win Tour of France and Tour de Britain.

8: Golden Six Stages in 2005
The second season of the Tour of Britain created the latest cycling news by formatting six stages rule. The tour started in the capital city of Scotland and finished in London. From the perspective of creating the cool cycling headlines, connecting these two cities made the aroma of connection for every fan, who loved to hear the cycling update of this event. Indeed in order to hit the ground running, this style of formatting holds an example to follow.
Also, a great way to create a space in the cycling news section.

7: 2007 – Year of Extension
The year of 2007 produced a different change on the list of the fixture as the tour was extended from six to seven days. In order to create the latest cycling news in the city of Somerset, this decision was taken by the organising body.

It also made their pathway easy to make an impact so that they could host the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland. Just because of this little cycling update, the event managed to enhance their level of addressing cycling news as well as cycling headlines.

6: 2008 – Another Extension
The year of 2008 became another year of extension as the race added one extra day as far as the fixtures are concerned. Just like 2007, it assisted them to make the latest cycling news as good as an apple pie.
This time race made the cycling update from 7 to 14 September. However this time, the structure started in London and finished in Liverpool, where the biggest cycling headlines were created.
The relaxation in rules provided this sport to reach and that such height. Could also be one of the best reasons for making impactful cycling news?

5: Steve Cummings – Second Leopard
After Sir Bradley Wiggins. Steve Cummings from Clatterbridge, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom became the second British international to win Tour of Britain in 2016 with Team Dimension Data.
This is the very first time, Team Dimension Data made the latest cycling news liked they wanted beforehand.
There is no doubt that this cycling news is best possible for Steve Cummings as it takes hard work to make that big cycling headlines.
Indeed, making cycling news after becoming the best thing since sliced bread helped this legendary cyclist to be that great.

4: Mauricio Ardila – Greatest for Many Reasons
The Colombian Mauricio Ardila is not just great for this tour, as he is the first one to win the race. On the other fence, he is still only cycling headlines creator to win the race outside Europe. Afterwards, every driver has had won this tournament is there from Europe, which even indicates the dominance of the European cyclist. In 2004, Mauricio Ardila played his cards for Chocolade Jacques-Wincor Nixdorf.

3: 1945 – Respectful year
Robert Batot was the first one to win cycling race on the soil of Britain for the very first time back in 1945.
At that time, this race was called as Victory Marathon.
Nowadays, the Tour of Britain is getting the fruits of history because of the great Victory Marathon.

2: 1951- Tour of Britain’s First Year
In 1951, the race was held by the name of Tour of Britain for the very first time. The Scottish Ian Steel won the shot. The tour happened until 1955 continually.
Afterwards, the race like Milk Race, Kellogg’s Tour and PruTour happened in the UK but never revived that such greatness.

1: Agritubel- Won Twice
Agritubel Team and HTC–Columbia are the only teams to win Tour of Britain two times. The French cyclists earned both of the victories for Agritubel. On the other hand, Edvald Boasson Hagen from Norway and Lars Anthonius Johannes Boom from the Netherlands pound the vassal of glory for Team HTC–Columbia.
The famous Team Sky won the race just once as mentioned the name of Sir Bradley Wiggins earlier.
Indeed, this tour is just out of this world. All credit goes to the fans. Without them, this tour is next to impossible.
Isn’t Tour of Britain hold something mesmerizing?

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