Stay fashionable while you are pregnant

Maternity is one of the most beautiful stages of life. However, if you are thinking that you cannot stay stylish being pregnant, you are mistaken. Though you might not be able to get enough clothes to wear while you are expecting, don’t be disheartened. Many young designers are now designing cool & comfortable maternity fashion attires that are ideal as office wear or loungewear.

However, each and every trimester brings a fashion challenge, and the fashion gurus need to sort that out by introducing fabrics & cuts that are liked & loved by the pregnant women around the globe. If you are a Kolkata resident, you can enjoy maternity beauty care in Kolkata by asking for some at-home services through any maternity app and look beautiful while you are expecting.

The challenge in the first trimester

The first trimester is often a hush-hush affair, and the newly pregnant lady doesn’t want to reveal her pregnancy in the initial 3 months. According to the fashion gurus, it is a sensible idea for the expecting lady to wear something that is loose from the belly, like a flared dress, flared skirt or an Anarkali dress. She can choose some attire in soft & comfortable fabrics. A “blouson” style top is ideal to wear in pregnancy.

Ideally, there is no need to buy maternity clothes so soon, as your belly is yet to get its size. But you are unable to wear something tight, so you can always select attires that are roomy and are not tight-fit. Most of the women end up buying oversized Kurtis and attires that would be a complete waste of money. Buy one, buy two, buy many, but invest sensibly. Keep in mind that you’ll not be able to wear it later on.


The second-trimester challenge

The second trimester is the time when you’ll start feeling like a pregnant. You may find your size changing every week, but since you cannot buy attire every week, you can select some stretchable attire that can grow with the bump and other parts of the body proportionately. Attires with elastics, tie-backs, buttons, etc. can be ideal for the pregnant ladies. Choose your dress as per your decision to hide or flaunt the belly. The belly pops up usually from the second trimester, so you can gladly flaunt your cute little tummy and gather compliments for being stylish. There are many maternity brands that manufacture attires that can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy stage, and you can consider buying one of them for a comfortable fit.

This is the stage when you need to get some maternity bras. The nursing or maternity bras are made using a comfortable fabric that gives your boobs an all-around protection and supports them. You might find wearing usual bras a little uncomfortable, as the hormonal changes affect your breasts too and make it tender & sensitive. Nursing bras have hooks that can be unlocked so that to feed the newborn easily. So if you are buying maternity bras, it would last you for long. You can also keep breast pads under the maternity bras so that the nipples are not showing.

The challenge of the third and the final trimester

The last trimester means you are thoroughly uncomfortable and get tired of anything you do. You might find wearing any attire is utterly uncomfortable, and the only friend you might get is the back pain. So any attire that has a closure like button or hook might be irritating for your full-sized waist. A maxi dress or a frock with comfortable fabric can be good for the third trimester attire. If you have invested in a pregnancy pant, it is the best time to utilize it. Mix and match the pant with boyfriend shirts or loose fit tops. Maternity leggings can provide you the much needed comfort you were looking for. It is important to buy a comfortable pair of pumps or sandals, as you need to ditch your heels for this entire pregnancy period. No wonder, it is the best time to wear oversized earring or afgani neckpieces with monochrome attires in black, gray or any neutral color. Get a wrap around attire that you can loosen with time. Wear a tank top that fits you and above that, sport cardigan or shrug that gives you the much needed style sense you wanted to get for the entire span of 9 months.

Don’t expect to shrink to your earlier size after the childbirth. It may take at least additional 3-4 months to get back in shape. So, till then, you need to wear your maternity clothes only. You can buy some attire that has buttons in the front so that it is easier for you to feed your newborn. The bottom line is that you must buy comfortable and functional clothes that can make your journey through pregnancy and childbirth much easier. So the next time when you are looking for gynecologists in Kolkata and other maternity services, check for the stores that specialize in maternity attires too and buy some beautiful attires to look stylish even when you are deshaped.