Significance of Hiring a Real-Estate Agent

Every developer of residential projects in Kolkata maintains dedicated web pages to inform buyers about the best aspects of their respective ongoing and upcoming projects. There are dozens of online forums and bulletin boards frequented by a growing community of architects, buyers and investors who exchange information about every luxury bungalows in Kolkata.

With an ocean of information available online and offline through advertising channels, project brochures, social media etc., it is natural to wonder, why do you even need a real-estate agent (and pay sales commission) while buying or selling a residential property in Kolkata? While it is indeed possible to buy or sell a home without representation / agent through the Internet, or regular advertising and marketing avenues, just a few people manage okay on their own, most do not. You might want to consider the below reasons for hiring a professional property agent.


“When you hire people who are smarter than you are, it proves you are smarter than they are,” said industrialist Henry Ford. When you hire a real-estate agent who has more domain knowledge and market experience about luxury bungalows in Kolkata than you do, it saves you the trouble and time of learning everything from scratch.


Real-estate agents can efficiently filter spam out of your property showings and visits. If you are a buying a residential property in Kolkata, your agent will expertly keep the builder’s agents at bay. If you are selling a residential projects in Kolkata, your agent will sort out “just lookers” from serious buyers and effectively close the deal for you.


Property agents are industry insiders and possess intimate knowledge about the neighbourhood you are hoping to invest in. In turn they can inform you about comparable sales of luxury properties in Kolkata and nudge you in the right direction to obtain more information about nearby schools, healthcare, shopping, entertainment, crime, demographics etc.


Agents never dictate prices for buyers or sellers. They guide you regarding prices so that you can take the right call to buy or sell a luxury bungalows in Kolkata.


Property agents will enlighten you about the market conditions and industry buzz surrounding an upcoming residential projects in Kolkata. This timely and vital piece of information will govern your buying or selling process. Factors you should consider in order to move forward include average per square foot price of similar homes, mean and median sales prices, average days on the market vis-a-vis list-to-sold prices etc.


Being in-the-know, real-estate agents constantly network with a range of other professionals who can provide you additional services you would need to buy or sell a residential projects in Kolkata. Your agent may not outright recommend a particular vendor over others due to legal liability (if the deal goes south), but if you are considering someone’s services, your agent will be able to tell you about their competency, credibility and affordability. Agents can further hand you a list of references with whom they have worked in the past and empower you with background information which will help you make an optimum selection.


Agents are professionally trained and sworn to always present their clients’ interests in the best light and safeguard confidential client information from competing interests. Agents, by virtue of their training are superior negotiators and can detach themselves from the emotional aspects of buying or selling your residential projects in Kolkata.


Modern purchase agreements / property deeds take up 10 pages or more. Plus there is additional compliance paperwork to be filled in, as mandated by the government. Most real-estate files reach 2-3 inches thickness due to the sheer volume of paperwork involved. One tiny oversight can cost you lakhs or land you in a protracted legal battle over your residential projects in Kolkata. Do you speak ‘Legalese’? If not, then your agent can recommend lawyers who handle property-related disclosures and related legal discourse.


Even the simplest of transactions for a luxury bungalows in Kolkata can have unforeseen complications in future. Taxation authorities can fall behind on their schedule by a matter of months and mix up the bills and duties. At such times, you’ll thank your lucky stars for having an agent, who can sort out the mess with just one phone call. Competent agents do not leave your side when you need them the most.


Referrals are the source of an agent’s bread and butter. No agent can survive by constantly drumming up new business only. This is the incentive for a good agent to cultivate a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with their clients. Agents periodically send you market updates to stay in touch. An agent who thrives in the market will be there for you when you need their services again for a residential projects in Kolkata.

These are the main reasons to consider hiring a property agent for your real-estate transactions.