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SEO is Dead or Alive: End of the Controversy

Many of my readers says that that my previous blog “SEO is Dead – Is Google Trying to Kill It” that it’s a rubbish, or I am trying some tricks to get traffic. I want to ask them have you read the article completely as I mention that Bad and BlackHat SEO is Dead, but Good and WhitHat SEO still exists and works Fine.

Discouraging people who are related to this industry is not my Intention. We know that Google is making his algorithm stronger day by day to dominate SEO practices that we used in past days.

Organic reach is down: Google is the crownless king of internet world and the most dominating force in search-engine traffic. In past few years consumers and users intelligence level and structure of mind have changed a lot. 1ts, organic reach which is the number of people shown your post through free or unpaid distribution is decreased. The main reason behind it is now these days people are searching elsewhere.

At present most of the people are aware of the difference between sponsored or paid listings and organic listings. This creates a huge controversy in SEO community. Some says it’s a rumor, some says it’s true. But the main fact is that, SEO never dies but we need to keep updated ourselves. We know very well that past few days most of the SEO practices are diminished by this search engine giant.

Bad SEO is dead

Mobile apps and Social networks are taking it all: At present from kids to adults everyone has smart phones or tablets in their pockets and these devices is making our life so comfortable, but the scene in past was completely different. Smart phones and tablets can be afforded by everyone so we all are enjoying the advantages of these modern gadgets.

We can do anything by using our phones, from listening song to capturing photos, from shopping to money transfer and many more things just because of some apps and social media networks. Social media networks are playing a big role of online promotion, so we can get any product details or its price from social media. That’s why organic search is down these days.

Effects of Algorithms: Google Panda, Google Penguin, we all are familiar with these two names. Day by day Google is updating its algorithms and Reducing the effects of free distributions and practices. But you don’t need to worry, as there are lots of ways exists in SEO best practices which still works.

So you don’t need to lose hope and don’t think that SEO is dead, as “Bad SEO is dead. Good SEO is thriving!

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