Quantum Healing – Healing through Power of Meditation

With all the scientific advancement in play, how much do we know about the brain? What is mind? Where is it located? Have you ever thought about it? If yes, I am sure you are quite confused with how the brain works? Most of us keep questioning ourselves that why do we see dreams? How can a person just visualize of winning a race and feel the same excitement as it has actually happened? Why sometimes doctors can’t heal a disease with medicine which the diseased can heal by his own will power? There is only one answer to all these questions – Quantum Healing! Let us know more about the vast terminology.

Quantum Healing

The mind is the canvas on which our thoughts are projected and is a part of our consciousness. Our body is a holographic projection of our consciousness. We can have complete control over our bodies if we try and have the genuine intention to heal. Electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and at other times switch to act like waves (formless energy), depending on what the observer’s expectation. “Whatever the observer believed would occur is what the quantum field does.” Quantum physicists have such difficulties in dealing with, explaining, and defining the quantum world.

A better explanation

Just as an atom has the blueprint of a molecule to rebuild it, the human mind has a blueprint of the human body. When the body needs complete reformation, the mind can do that each time we oscillate between energy (formlessness) and particle (it happens innumerable times in a second). We should have total control over what we want with our attention to manifest out of the energy field the next moment. It depends on our belief and feelings to an extent. All you need is a firm belief on the theory.

Quantum healing is what happens when your own volition can make it happen during the oscillation between matter and energy to rebuild the damaged part. This needs a certain level of consciousness which unveils a person’s tranquility. This is where meditation and similar activities hold therapeutic value. Studies have shown that mindful meditation can even lengthen the telomeres which otherwise shorten with age. They are shown to even change gene penetrance by altering the environment needed for it. Epigenetics brings evolution closer to human consciousness now that Lamarck’s ideas dominate that field.

There are a number of cases in which people healed their disease with meditation. John Matzke was just 30 years old when he was told that he had only 18 months to live. The oncologist told Matzke that once melanoma invades an internal organ like the lung, the invariable outcome is death—usually within months—without immediate treatment. But Matzke didn’t follow his doctor’s recommendation. Instead, he took a month off to strengthen his body for the treatment that he knew would most likely be a grueling ordeal. He went on long hikes in the mountains, he ate healthy foods, and he meditated. He also spent a lot of time picturing himself healthy and visualizing good strong blood cells destroying the cancer in his body. Matzke later flew back to Vermont, where O’Donnell repeated the chest X-ray to document the size and location of the tumor before starting treatment. But instead of the large cancerous lesion in Matzke’s lung, he saw nothing. O’Donnell recalls, “When John came back a month later, it was remarkable—the tumor on his chest X-ray was gone. This incident suggests that what science knows is just about 5 percent of the universe.

Give up negativity to heal through meditation

Healing takes place with visualizing the affected part turning healthy and functioning properly. Some doctors even suggest their patients to talk to their organs. The reason behind this is that our body is made of 70 percent water. And water has a unique property of absorbing the vibrations. When you talk to your organs and give them love, they work efficiently. This may sound weird to many, but this is a fact. A Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, has experimented on this property of water. He used to say good words to the water and then used to check the crystal formation. The crystals formed were beautiful and oriented. On the other hand crystals formed by saying bad words were distorted and ugly. One can imagine how negative emotions towards self and others can affect one’s own organs.

In the meditation technique to heal the body, a person has to visualize rays coming from the universe and entering the body from the head. These rays penetrate the body and heal the organs which are malfunctioning. Visualization technique helps in this process as it activates our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind don’t see the difference between what is a lie or truth, and it starts working as the given instructions. So in case of cancer, the patients may visualize that the white blood cells are killing the cancer cells. The subconscious mind will start working in that direction, and the same will happen as visualized. It completely depends upon the intensity with which you believe in your own visualization.