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Points about breast cancer in India

Till date, the real cause of breast cancer remains a mystery. You can confer the fact that there is no fixed reason for the occurrence of it. A lot of myths floating around the occurrence than the underlying cause behind it. But still, there are some major causes of breast cancer which are depicted below

  • Age- age has an important role to play in terms of breast cancer. The more you go on to age the higher chances of suffering from cancer. Here the family history of the patient does also have a role to play. If any of your close relatives are suffering from this type of cancer the chances of you suffering also increase considerably
  • If you have an early start to menopause then the chances of breast cancer do increase all the more as well.
  • Exposure to radioactive rays or harmful chemicals does go on to increase the chance of breast cancer.

In the starting phase of breast cancer, there does not seem to be any symptom. Once the tumor goes on to develop you may suffer from tenderness in your breast. The chances of a swelling in your armpit also increase considerably. When you come across a lump in the breast it does appear to be the first symptom of breast cancer. In most cases, they appear to be painless, but sometimes a prickly sensation is caused by them as well. You can find them in the mammogram long before you see and feel them. With an identification on the breast, you can find out that a tumor is something you cannot see or feel. In some cases, an unusual discharge of the nipple would also emerge.

When you are asked to be ready for the surgery it is a painless time. There are a number of tips which you can follow before you plan for the surgery. Just discuss with the surgeon on how they expect to perform the surgery. How long will the process of healing take and the post-surgical treatment needed after the surgery also appears to be important? If the need arises to obtain a second opinion. There is no harm in obtaining a second opinion as your insurance carrier might require you as well. The second surgeon may confirm the opinion you have received or might give you a new feedback altogether.

The moment you are planning breast cancer treatment in India, do ask as many questions as possible. It should be about the disease and the current situation where you find yourself at this point in time. Do ask them what are the treatment options which are available to them and the recurrence of the disease as well. You should also discuss whether total removal of the breast along with recurrence of cancer is also important. Also clearly outline the risks that you associate with the surgery. It is necessary that you need to be clear about the various options for breast surgery before you plan to opt for it.

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