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Philips Air Fryer – Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat

About Air Fryer?

Air fryer is all new form of cooking which has taken over the traditional cooking methods. By now, you must have seen various air fryer advertisements. Have you ever wondered, “How does an air fryer work?” Do you want to know the effects it has on your health? All your answers are right here. Just keep reading.

Before moving into the detail of air fryer and air frying, let us have an overview of what the product is all about. As the name suggests, an air fryer is a collection of superheated air that circulates inside the apparatus to cook your food. It is an all new invention from Phillips, bringing us an easy way of serving delicious food with minimum oil.

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How does an air fryer food taste?

To keep things clear, it doesn’t provide you a deep fried taste. However the rich healthy content tastes great. Just a tablespoon of oil and your chips are ready crispy and tender. Not just the healthier taste, there are a lot more benefits of Philips Air Fryer. It protects a nervous or beginner cook from burning of fire. It is friendlier to the environment. You would explore some more benefits on using it yourself!

How an air fryer works?

It uses rapid air technology to prepare almost every kind of food you want, which might otherwise be dipped with fat. The technology operates by air circulation at high temperature, almost up to 200C to cook foods like chicken, fish, pastries, chips and a lot more is on the list. This fast technology has brought a new cooking era with latest appliances and modern cooking methods incorporated. Philips Air fryer provides perfectly fried and browned food with minimum fat in comparison of traditional cooking skills. 

Phillips Air Fryer

User-friendly and healthy

When cooking, the air fryer’s cooking chamber transmits heat from a heating substance near the food. This makes the cooking more efficient and appropriate. There is an exhaust fan above the chamber which balances the airflow required from underneath. As such, heat inside the chamber circulates continuously to every part, cooking the food perfectly. The right heating temperature and exhaust fan gets you the tasty and healthy food in minutes. Isn’t it an innovative way of cooking.

Like a rice cooker, Philips air fryer also consists of a removable tray that can serve a ht delicious minutes within a minimum time of 12 minutes. The food tastes crispy and fried, nut at the same time is healthier and calorie-free. “At Philips, we develop advanced solutions that help contribute to people’s health and well-being”, said Pieter Nota, CEO of Philips.

Offer: (150+ Recipe Cookbook Free)  $187.99

The exhaust system in the fryer balances the temperature increased due to internal pressure and extra air required to cook your food. The additional air released is filtered, thus supporting the environment. Air fryers are user-friendly and eco-friendly – odourless and harmless.

You can cook anything you want from chips, crispy potatoes to chicken in the healthiest way possible. Not only this, you can prepare your favourite delicacies like a hamburger, French fries or steaks in just a few minutes. You won’t believe but you can bake an entire cake in just 25 minutes in an air fryer!

Wait no more to get your favourite food in the healthiest form! Purchase a Phillips Air Fryer and satisfy your taste buds that otherwise sacrificed due to the fear of fats and calories.

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