New Features in Whatsapp that Might Surprise You in 2018

Day by day Whatsapp is upgrading with new features according to user demand and that’s why it is the most lovable and attractive chat app at present. Here we are going to discuss about 5 new features coming soon that might surprise you.

Youtube Videos Will Play Directly in Whatsapp:

The iOS beta version of Whatsapp had upgraded a function of Youtube integration. The new feature will allow users to watch Youtube videos directly from their Whatsapp without leaving the app. This feature is not available in android version but the android developer are looking forward to include this feature in the android version of Whatsapp.

Online Money Transfer:

I think you all are familiar with UPI (Unified Payment Interface)? It is the most awaited feature that could reach millions of Whatsapp customers in India very soon. This outstanding feature will allow whatsapp users to transfer money online without any hassle.

Message Recall Feature:

Message Recall feature is the most expected feature that every user want in a chat app through which he or she can recall any sent files or texts. Well these message recall feature was first noticed in the iOS beta version in December 2016. However this functionality is yet to come. Through this feature users will get a 5 minute period to reverse the sent messages. Any user can Recall sent text, images, videos and even status updates and replies.

Live Location Sharing:

Live location sharing is very useful in terms of security. It is expected that this feature will be added soon in your Whatsapp. It will allow you to share your live location status to your contacts in real time, so that if you are in a trouble you can be easily tracked.

Edit ‘sent’ messages

Soon you will be able to edit your sent messages in your Whatsapp messenger. The Whatsapp developer will add these feature very early. Though it is as similar as message recall but still it is the most anticipated functionality that is expected to roll out soon. You can also save WhatsApp stories using gbwhatsApp.

So these are the most attractive 5 new features that were noticed in beta version and are most lovable to be introduced in your next version of Whatsapp messenger.

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