My Experience traveling in the beautiful country of Croatia

In September 2017, I took a break from work for a great vacation. I naturally chose Croatia as my international holiday destination because of the positive reviews of my co-workers who traveled to the country in 2016. During my holiday in Croatia, I had a lot of memorable experiences that I would never forget for the rest of my life.

When I traveled to Croatia, my first point of call was Zagreb, the capital city. Zagreb is a beautiful city that offers several interesting activities. I took a tour of the city in the blue trams that criss-cross the lower town and had an amazing sightseeing experience. There are several prestigious hotels and restaurants in Lower Town, Zagreb. At these restaurants, I had amazing dining experiences. I also visited the historic Dolac Market one morning in a beautiful sunny weather, I would never forget the amazing experience.

When I departed from Zagreb, my next point of call was Split. Split is an ancient city on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and a popular tourist attraction in the country. The first place I visited in Split was the Diocletian’s Palace, a palace that is more than 1700 years old. I also headed for the Pjaca square where I saw the old town hall of Split among other amazing landmarks. The Fruit Square is another part of the city that I would never forget, There has been a fruit market at the fruit square for several centuries.

During my holiday in Croatia, I also visited the Krka National Park where I enjoyed the amazing natural waterfalls and the large pool. There are 17 waterfalls alone at the Krka National Park. I also visited the ancient city of Dubrovnik where I had a great sailing experience. Dubrovnik is the best place to experience Croatia sailing. Dubrovnik is best experienced from the sea. I took a Sea Kayak round the city and also enjoyed an amazing sunset boat cruise. One of the memorable experiences I had in Dubrovnik is the cuisine. The ancient city has several restaurants that serve amazing local dishes. There are also numerous ice cream parlors all over the city.

I also visited the ancient city of Pula, which is very close to the Adriatic sea. At Pula, I visited the Forum where I enjoyed a live band perform to the amazement of the audience. I also visited the historic Kastel where I saw the Venetian Fortress. The Kastel fortress was created in the 1600s. The fortress defended Pula’s harbor as well as the entire upper Adriatic from invaders.

Finally, I visited Zadar, a popular city in Croatia. Zadar offers one of the most beautiful sunsets experiences in Europe. One of the landmarks in the ancient city is the Sea Organ. When I visited the Sea Organ at Zadar, I was amazed by the architectural masterpiece which is the first of its kind in the world. I also visited the Paklenica National Park where I went climbing and hiking. The National Park attracts a lot of tourists. I particularly enjoyed the Canyon’s Spring which is great for swimming. I also visited a few remote beaches in Zadar which offer world-class relaxation.

All the experiences I had in Croatia are memorable. If I have my way, I will visit Croatia once again.

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