Challenges Of A Kolkata-Based Furniture Store

The furniture market in Kolkata has evolved over the years to another level.  With contemporary home and office decor trending among the city dwellers, there’s a huge demand for offbeat furniture designs. Though antique designs still remain one of the most favourite among the natives yet there’s a great deal of enthusiasm among people to explore modern designs. With the changing scenario, the products offered at a furniture dealer shop in Kolkata have also gone through a huge transformation. From solid wood furniture designs with corbels, people are keen to opt for sleek and subtle structures. Of course, utility remains a major concern. A recent survey with the furniture dealers in Kolkata highlighted the challenges faced in recent times. Lets discuss in detail the challenges faced by those having a furniture store in Kolkata.

Kolkata-Based Furniture Store

An overview: Challenges Faced By A Kolkata-Based Furniture Store

  • Cost-Optimization:One of the main concerns of most furniture dealers in Kolkata is to build products fitting every customer’s need. It is necessary for a furniture store to showcase products ranging between low to high price range. In this way, a furniture store in Kolkata can cater to customers with varying budget.
  • Maintaining Quality:When budget is low furniture dealers tend to compromise with quality and that becomes a growing concern to maintain the brand reputation. It is indeed challenging for a furniture dealer in Kolkata to offer furniture at discounted rates without compromising on quality.
  • Cater to Individual Requirement:It is necessary for a furniture dealer to understand and analyse individual requirements.  Most furniture shops have ready-made designs and do not provide customization which limits their prospects. Thus it is also a challenge for furniture manufacturer in the city to serve clients with varied preferences.

How Furniture Dealers In Kolkata Can Overcome Alarming Challenges?

Well, it is necessary for any business to be true to its profession. While opting for low quality materials to suffice for budget constraint is not an effective solution it is also important to maintain a balance between cost price and selling price to keep the profit margin on check. Also, along with ready-made residential and commercial furniture, a furniture store should also provide options for further customization to lure customers.  

In this connection, Furnico, one of Kolkata’s leading furniture manufacturers deserves special mention. With furniture to suit all budgets and designs to attract everyone, Furnico, the furniture store in Kolkata, offers a wide range of residential, commercial as well as industrial furniture.


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