Is it Safe to Keep a Fridge in the Garage?

Homes with larger families or teenagers require an extra refrigerator to fulfill their needs. A second fridge can contain extra food, drinks and store snacks. It is of best help in holidays when friends and relatives visit you frequently. Most of us shift the additional refrigerator to the basement of garage section of the house. However, it is essential to look over some issues while using these fridges. Usually, a second fridge is of an older model not quite energy-efficient when relating to the latest models. Possibly, you might not know but the refrigerator would be using more energy than you expect. Now think about the placement of the spare refrigerator.

Most people wish to move it downstairs in the basement. It is a good idea if you do not have a problem running up and down all day. The temperature remains stable and no running issues are reported by experts on keeping the fridge in the basement. If any unknown changes occur, call an expert for appliance servicing and repairs.

Others want to utilize the empty space in their garage. Well, you can keep it there but try settling it in an interior wall to balance the temperature variations along the year. As said, a coin has two sides of equal importance. Keeping a fridge in your garage has both good and bad impact on its functionality. The main issue with the garage fridge arises in winter when the fridge compressor doesn’t work properly as expected. Things won’t stay cool in extreme cold conditions. What can be done in a situation like this? Read on for your answer.

Buy a fridge garage kit

These are tricky kits to make your refrigerator feet at a warmer place with its great artificial heating effect. The machine gets the exact heat required to run smoothly, keeping the stuff cold and frozen. The negative side of the kit is it high energy consumption. Unfortunately, if your spare fridge is an older model, you are already under extra consumption of energy.       

Unplug the refrigerator

Seems quite simple, right? Before unplugging the fridge right away, look what you have stored in it and if it’s just a few soda bottles and stuff in the freeze, shift it upstairs and remove the connection. Keeping the fridge unplugged when not required storing extra food or other stuff, it is best to switch it off. Unless you have some company in holidays, the spare fridge doesn’t come much in use. So, why not unplug it until next vacations? It will help you save money and increase durability of the appliance.

However, make sure you keep the unplugged fridge away from young children as it is not so safe for the little souls. A spare fridge can come to great use for you and your family. You just need to take care of these few considerations t save on energy and expense. If stuck with an issue, get commercial fridge repairs in ……..     

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