Innovative Winter Wedding Ideas for a Perfect Indian Couple

The winter chill is here and so is your D-day. We thought of showing some creative winter wedding ideas for you to consolidate those into your most special day. The unique ideas that make your winter wedding a gala one must include one of the best event planners in India. From selecting the right venue and the flowers to the right selection of a destination for a perfect destination wedding, the entire preparation needs intricate attention. Do it all by yourself or best is to appoint the best destination wedding planner.

Winter wedding hues

Winter wedding hues principally include red and green in any Indian event and the event planners in India are also keen on using these colours. Normally, we aren’t suggesting that you run over the edge with this combo. You could utilize it in your clothing, the mandap hues, and additionally in any umbrellas or shades in the event where you are having a destination wedding.  Just get the destination wedding planner updated on the colours you love to put in.



Play safe and just go in for red roses or red-orange marigolds that are quite famous in customary Indian weddings. If you want to make use of the special winter flowers, ask any of the event planners in India to arrange the same. To set your winter wedding a class apart, you could choose occasional blossoms like the curry plant or the Paper Flowers and also Phloxes.


Winter weddings are by and large held inside in most of the parts of India and you could have huge numbers of indoor services including a ball move or a mixed drink party. Though in case of Kolkata weddings, guests feel more comfortable in outdoor settings, enjoying the comfort of cool wintry evenings. You can fuse these formal occasions and subjects in your wedding welcome cards also, utilizing the day’s picked up shades of red or green. On the other hand, choose hot pink, red or orange formal wedding solicitations. Make sure you mention particularly if it is a destination wedding. Ask your destination wedding planner to help you out in that case.


Wedding venue would likely be indoor ones in most parts of India, like marriage corridors or inns. In case, if you are in Kolkata and want a garden wedding or an open air shoreline wedding, have the destination wedding planner plan the event perfectly with their due expertise. They would be the best to advise you whether to utilize radiators to keep visitors warm. Additionally, they make utilization of function umbrellas and continue serving hot espresso or chocolate alongside other Indian finger foods.


Nothing will warm up your guests, as much as the evergreen Bollywood numbers to get everybody moving. Then again, you could have established symphony playing all through supper for a rich vibe. In case you are a culture rich Bengali, the Shanai is irreplaceable in the wedding. Make sure you ask one of the event planners in India to take care of the songs you want to play on your D-day.


As expressed above, incorporate hot beverages like tea, espresso, cocoa and so on alongside hot Indian finger foods like samosas, pakoras to keep your visitors warm all through the occasions. What about serving some white hot chocolate to include a component of astonishment? Indian starters are perfect for winter weddings or you could decide on your customary foods on the principal day. Ask your destination wedding planner to serve the starters hot and make arrangements for the same.


On the off chance that you wish to get away from the winter chills, go to warm places inside or outside the country. Ask your destination wedding planner to plan the location where you can get set the honeymoon too. On the other hand, you could grasp the season and go to other colder spots. Basically book one of the comfortable sentimental log lodges or rich resorts which offer skiing, snowboarding and other winter indulgences for the couples. There are event planners in India who can help you arrange your romantic trip to the wonderland.

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