How to Use Pinterest to Rank Your Images on Google

Pinterest is the most popular visual search engine out there that relies on ‘visual bookmarking’. It acts like an online pinboard where users can share and discover relevant interests by pinning images to boards and browsing what other people have pinned. People around the world have been underestimating the potential of Pinterest as a social media platform. But the 2 million searches for Pinterest Ads being made every month has begun to prove this wrong.

With more than 175 million active users, Pinterest can be used very effectively as a tool to drive traffic to your website and get your images to top ranks on Google searches.

Have you noticed that when you search for some particular topics with specific keywords on Google, some of the search results are Pinterest pins and boards?

For example, if you Google ‘Home decor crafts’ or ‘Wedding dress ideas’, some of the search results will be Pinterest links to pinned images. These Pinned images take the user to the backlink of the origin or source website when clicked, generating traffic and consequently improving SEO.

Before we go ahead to discuss the points on how to use Pinterest for improving the SEO ranking for your images,


Smart feed is the algorithm that’s responsible for sorting the images as per the people’s preferences and history. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the history and working of this algorithm used by Pinterest.

In the early days, the pins used to be shown on “newest-first” basis, while that has been converted to the “best-first” basis. Now, the algorithm decides the “best” content customized according to their historical activities with the Pinterest in the past.

Just like any search engine or social media platform, Pinterest holds the card of smart feed close to their hearts. These are the types of content from which the smart feed tends to extract content from in order to flood the feeds of users:

  1. Content related and from the boards a person has done Re-pins.
  2. Related Pins.
  3. Pins related to the

So, how exactly do you use Pinterest to rank your images on Google? Here’s what you can do.

1. Brainstorm for keywords

Choose the keywords that you want to rank high on Google either by brainstorming or just tying in a few words in the Pinterest search bar that are relevant and Pinterest will automatically suggest you some of the popular keywords that you can use.

2. Create a board

Incorporate the keywords while creating the board. For example, say that the keywords you chose are ‘Home decor ideas’ then name your board ‘Home decor ideas’.

A lot of thought and planning must be put into the creation of Pinterest boards. Make sure you get the best one for your page.

3. Optimize your profile

To attract more users and increase traffic to your website, you need to optimize your profile. Here are a few methods by which you can do that:-

  • Pick the right username. Choose something that is crisp, clear and will be memorable. Try to incorporate a keyword for best results.
  • Turn off ‘Search Privacy’ in your profile. If it’s turned on then your profile and boards will not be visible in Google search results.
  • Convert your account to a business account.
  • Verify your website. Doing this will not only make Pinterest’s new ‘Smart Feed’ algorithm trust you but also hitch the rankings of your images up.
  • Enable ‘Rich Pins’. Rich pins provide more information about a pin than the regular pins.

4. Write Eye-Catchy Description

Many people neglect pin and board descriptions but having better descriptions will improve the quality of your pins and boards. It will increase the chances of your pins being repined and liked more as Pinterest favors well-written and specific descriptions.

Be it the quirky one-liners or the attractive-yet-informative captions and descriptions with your pins, the audience sure love them with all their heart.

Make sure you use relevant and magnetic descriptions along with your Pinterest posts.

5. Focus on quality

  • Pinterest relies heavily on its visual content so the visual appeal of your pins and boards can either make your break your rankings. Pins that are more visually attractive do better as they gain more likes and re-pins from users than the unattractive ones.
  • High-quality pictures and graphics for your pins are essential to boost their popularity so either outsource for graphic designers or invest in learning Photoshop to create visually appealing images.
  • Make sure to organize your pins and boards properly to give a clean and more professional look to your profile. That will attract more users.
  • Also, make sure to pin vertical images as they are more noticeable and ideal for mobile phone users. A high percentage of people use Pinterest on their tablets and mobile phones due to their easy accessibility.

6. Stay Active

I cannot emphasize this enough. To get to the top rankings on Google searches, you need to dedicate a sizable portion of your day on Pinterest. There are a lot of benefits associated with this one. First of all, there are a lot of chances, like comments or even personal chats you can take on if you or your team members are continuously active on Pinterest. Also, as you are more and more active, you tend to discover new and unique pages which are even helpful to improve the quality of your pins.

  • Engagement with your users is really important. So engage with them through the comments.
  • Pin consistently. At least 5 times a day but preferably 10-15 times. Keep adding new content regularly. The Pinterest algorithm supports fresh content.

By following these few tips, you will notice that the traffic referral to your website will go up and you will achieve top rankings on your images on Google search results.