How to travel the world when your budget is low

Everyone has a dream of traveling the world and exploring it from all the sides at some point in their life. But often people get stuck with their 9-5 job and are left dreaming of holidays in the Bahamas. Whereas, some are less with bank balance and this adds up to their worries.

Well, we cannot do anything about the people who are enjoying their 9-5 schedule, but we surely got the back of those who are less with their bank balance, but full with the urge to explore the best world has to offer. We bring to you some better travel tips which can save your money when you travel some of the most beautiful places on earth.

So let’s dive straight into it.

Get Yourself the Cheapest Flight

You are going nowhere without a travel buddy and that buddy here is the airline you are going to stick your ass too. Airlines are often way too expensive and why won’t they would be, as the clouds are the perfect reason for them to be expensive.

But not always, search the web, and you will find many travel agents and online websites where you can save a major chunk of your money when you decide to book your tickets to abroad. Airlines often have interlined links with various websites, agents, and even their fierce rival because the business should not be harmed.

Plus, off-season traveling is also a perfect way to save your money.  Although, off-season travels are not so adventuress as you won’t be able to get familiar with the real beauty of the place but it won’t mind if you are travel savvy.

Explore the Local Flavors  

You can save a lot of your money if you decide to eat from the local market either spending $100 on perfectly presented food. The advantage of eating food from small shops or locale is not only because it is cheap, but the flavors they got to offer is something you will miss when you will reach back home. Every country and city you travel by has its own servings and exploring them should be a part of your journey.

Stay somewhere where you can find kitchen facilities like a hostel. Hostels are often cheap, and you will also get to meet new people there. Buy your own food and cook it yourself if possible, this is the best way you can save money for better things. Plus, the food you will buy yourself will be fresher and healthier.

Be a Part of Free Activities

It is not always recommended to visit a popular museum or a sophisticated meeting in case you want to get familiar with the culture of a particular place you are in. Try indulging in free activities which matches your interest. You will find many such free places and events you can be a part of.

There is a lot more a city will greet you with if you decide to explore it by yourself. You will find new people, with a whole new different culture. Interact with them they will have many more amazing ideas that you can consider.

Plus, there are many places which allow free entries on a specific day or time. Most of the places are often free to travel you can ask about such places from local people around.I personally use this when i was doing job in Career Episode Report for Engineers 

Make Sure you got the Right Apps Installed        

From booking your flight ticket to booking a table to dine, everything can be done easily if you got the right app installed on your phone. Firstly focus on apps which can help you with the required information even when you don’t have an access to the internet. For example, Google Maps, the updated version of Google maps allows users to download a virtual map and use it accordingly whenever they want to, without an internet connection.

The second must-have app is an app which can give you a summary of all your bank transactions. Are we less with money right? Thus, keeping a track on where you have spent and on what you have spent on is important. Of course, you will need a data or Wi-Fi connection to keep the app working hence make sure the place you are staying has a Wi-Fi to make use of.

Go Explore the world With Your Squad

This is by far the best way to save your precious money. Go out with your squad and from flight tickets to the hotel room, you will be sharing and saving a lot of your money. Flight agents always got special deals for group travellers.

Plus, travelling with your squad is often more adventurous then travelling alone. There will be always someone whom you can joke with, click pictures with and preserve memories with.

These were some simple hacks you can consider when you decide to travel the world. These hacks will surely save your money and will give the same satisfying experience of visiting the favourite place that you always craved.

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