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How to Properly Hold and Care for Newborn Baby

Newborn babies are delicate to handle. For the parents who have just entered the phase of parenthood, it happens at times that they don’t understand how the baby should be carried. For the new mother it comes in as an instinct of how to handle the newborn but it seems a little difficult for the father. Even for other people, it gets a little scary to pick up the baby as they fear they might end up hurting the baby if not handled properly. There are a few factors that every person must keep in mind whenever they are holding a newborn.

How to Properly Hold and Care for Newborn Baby

Caring about the hygiene
Newborns do not have a stable immune system hence they get prone to infections very easily. To avoid this, it is very essential that whenever one is about to handle a baby they must clean their hands thoroughly.

Supporting the head
The muscles of a newborn baby do not possess enough strength to support their head to stay up. Thus, it is critical that whenever a person is handling a baby they must support the head with their arm. The baby’s head needs to be supported until they are capable to retain their head up by themselves that is until they are 3-4 months of age.

Swaddling the baby
Swaddling the baby instills in them a sense of security. It must be taken care that the baby is covered tight in the cloth and their hands are not loose. When swaddled the baby feels calm and secure and it also becomes easy to carry them around.

Awareness about the surroundings
Whenever a person is carrying a baby, they must look around for the uneven surroundings and even for the large objects that might be kept nearby. Even walking up and down the stairs should be done with the utmost caution. Take immense care of the fact that whenever you are walking around with a baby in your arms, there aren’t any toys lying around and also the floor is dry and clean.

Bouncing too much
When one is holding a baby in their hands, they must not bounce too much as it may lead to severe health problems in the baby. When a baby is crying the best way to sooth them is by slowly swaying them. Moving them too speedily or bouncing continuously is not recommended.

Making surroundings baby-safe
When carrying a baby in the hands around, it is absolutely important that one must take care of the fact that there are no spiky or huge objects kept all over the place. Objects with sharp corners and furniture or metal parts bulging out should also be covered because when walking with the bundle of joy in your arms, these things might form a hurdle. Also, if there are any toys which are too small or too spiky should be kept at a distance from the baby.

The significance of holding the baby
Holding a baby is immensely important. A crying baby can be calmed by holding them in your arms and swaying around slowly, providing them the necessary comfort. It is indispensable that the crying baby must not be kept unattended for a long time.

Considering the allergies
When holding a newborn it might occur at times that they won’t calm down easily and even the options of walking around and swaying them don’t work out. In those situations if the baby is moving too much and it is getting totally impossible to calm them down, parents must keep themselves calm and look out for other health disputes like allergies and consult the concerning doctor at the specialized childcare hospital about the problem immediately.

The new parents are unknown to many factors that are needed to be considered while caring for a baby, it is significant that they should seek for all the precautions and provisions regarding the health of the newborn that must be taken care of from the doctors.

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