How To Plan The Perfect Summer Party For Your Family

Most of us have dreamt of organizing the perfect family party for our friends or families at one point or the other, but every time it failed somewhere even for the pettiest of all reasons.

So what did you think was going downhill? Did you not plan well enough? Or do you think you lacked the zeal to turn your ideas into a reality?

No; those two are definitely not the reasons. In fact, if you look at it closely, you will probably find yourself as the best host in town, but still, something somewhere didn’t work out the way you expected it to.

Nothing to worry. Mistakes are never a part of the problem. Ignoring them is. Who knows? You might easily prove everybody wrong by hosting the perfect little reunion in your upcoming summer party. The below tips can help.


A month before the party

Outline a theme, confirm it, and organize everything to turn it into a success.

  • It is undeniably an excellent idea to base your summer party on a theme. You can either go for a Mexican or a superhero party, or better yet, a family pool party.
    Whatever you choose to do, you need to decide, preferably a month back so you can move over freely to the next steps.
  • Once the theme of your party is confirmed from your end, you need to decide on the date and the location of the party. Make a few phone calls and confirm the same without any further ado.
  • Create a few lists for the party. These should include things like:
  • A shopping list,
  • A “things to do” list,
  • A cost sheet around your budget.

Three Weeks Before

Prepare invitations.

  • Only 3 weeks left. It’s high time that you start on your preparations, so nobody gets left out.
  • Preparing a detailed guest list is no mean feat. You will have to take the opinion of everybody in your family (and that includes the kids as well) to make a detailed guest list.
  • If you are going for a themed summer party, inculcate the theme into your invitation cards to create a more realistic effect.
  • Do not forget to include your date, time, and party location in your cards. Missing out can result in a disaster.


2 weeks before

Fix up the menu, decorations, and party equipment

  • A simple menu should be more than enough. Go for an appetizing starter (for e.g., a salad), simple main course (like grilled steak and vegetables), and a delicious dessert to wrap things up.
  • Arrange for champagne for the adults and soft drinks for the kids.
  • As far as decorations are concerned, we would advise you to go for bright colors. Bright colors go easy on the eye, particularly in the summers. The more, the merrier.
  • If you plan to have party equipments, go for a bouncy castle or a photo booth. They are easily available as well. Just go to Google and type something like “photo booth hire London” and you will get hundreds of results on the same page (including the contact number).

Note: As soon as you decide on the type of party equipment you are going to have in your party, contact the service provider without any further ado (via email or phone) for a prompt delivery. Leaving things for late may not always do you a whole lot of favor. 

1 day before

Finish up the prep work

  • Give your party place a thorough cleaning.
  • Set up the decorations.
  • Prepare the dishes that you can refrigerate overnight (e.g., ice-creams).
  • And finally, finalize your party dresses. Do not leave things for late.

So that more or less sums things up. We hope you host the perfect summer party by following the tips mentioned above. Goodbye and good luck!