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How to Maintain Schedules for Bexsero Meningitis B Vaccine?

Nowadays, both adults and kids are highly exposed towards meningitis and if you want to stay away from the same then you should have only Bexsero meningitis b vaccine. This vaccination will help in leading a meningitis-free life. Meningitis can end-up into life-threatening issues and thus you should take this vaccination on time.

On the other hand, few lifelong conditions especially hearing loss and learning disabilities can also be efficiently avoided with this kind of vaccination. Vaccine basically prevents the meningitis-causing bacteria to attack as a result of which you stay absolutely protected in the long run. Vaccination-types might differ from adults to kids.


Meningitis-bacteria can be of five types and Bexsero meningococcal b vaccine differs from one type to another. Y, W, C, A and b are the commonest types of meningitis-bacteria.

  • MenACWY is effective for preventing Y, W, C and A.
  • Type-B can be prevented by MenB.


Kids of 11-12years should receive MenACWY vaccination. Booster should be provided to 16-year old kids. Kids belonging to 16 to 23 years should have MenB vaccination. There are certain specific conditions when Bexsero vaccine for infants is needed.

  • Kids having damaged or removed spleen.
  • Kids having complement-component-deficiency.
  • Kids residing at Meningitis-outbreak areas need this vaccination.
  • Drugs-affecting immunity-system of kids.
  • Kids from Meningitis-common country.


Adults who are more than 56 can even get attacked by meningitis-bacteria. Those who belong to military-profession are more prone towards this issue. If you travel on and often and you have landed in such a place where meningitis is pretty common then you will definitely be in need of this vaccination so that you can get acute protection against dreadful consequences.

When these vaccines to be avoided?

There are some conditions when these vaccines are being strictly avoided. Few highlighted conditions are as follows:

  • Having latex allergies.
  • Having Guillain-Barre syndrome.
  • Adverse reactions towards latex or DTap vaccine.
  • Exposed towards any life-threatening allergies.
  • Severe sickness or illness.

Are these vaccines risky?

Shot-areas might develop soreness or redness along with mildest fever but this symptom will get vanished within two days. Some commonest signs that can be observed after approximately seven-eight days of shot-taking are as follows:

  • Stomach upset.
  • Joint-muscle pain.
  • Chills or fever.

Some of the rarest signs that can be experienced with acute allergic-reaction are:

  • High fever.
  • Unusual behavior.
  • Throat and face swelling.
  • Hard-time breathing.
  • Fast heartbeat.

If you are facing this issue, Consult with your healthcare professional before using Meningitis B vaccine Bexsero. The doctor will decide that whether you are in need of this vaccination or not. You can either book appointments or else can call the doctor in order to have a visit. You should make a detailed consultation with the doctor in order to know about the exact scenario of your immunity.

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