How to Improve Your Skin Tone Naturally

Improve Skin Tone Naturally at Home

Are you tired of your dark and dull skin tone ?? If the answer is yes ,then you are 100% at right place.Dealing with dull and dead skin with dark skin tone is always messy .After the hectic schedule of life it becomes a trouble to care for our skin .

As the summers are arriving and you will get lot of dust and pollution on your skin which harms the beauty of face . and Thus makes the skin texture and colour dull .

In order to keep your skin healthy and shiny here are few steps you can follow to improve your skin tone naturally .

  • Drink water:- First step is to take water , the more water you drink the better your skin shines
  • Workout:- When you workout you body release sweat ,that sweat is the toxins that generate heat inside your body , that clogged pores get cleaned naturally.
  • Remove make up before going to bed:- Always remember to remove your make up before you go to bed.You can use Any face wash at night which removes the make up completly .you can check best face wash for all skin here . 
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  • Its is an add on if you apply a night cream to hydrate your skin throughout the night . which help skin cells generate more healthy skin texture .
  • Aloe vera:- The magical gel which can change your skin completely if used it properly and regularly. For using aloe vera ,Just cut it from middle and extract the gel aside .Genetly rub it on your skin and let it dry Repeat the process for 15 days and you will see a extreme glow in your skin .
  • Do not Rub your skin : Its manadatroy to use soft tissues on your skin rather using hard towels as they leave behind rashes which harms skin too much.
  • Avoid taking oily junk food : Junk food spoils the working of body and generate toxins that are harmful and darkens the skin thus creating pigmentation on skin .
  • Avoid using too much chemical prodcuts on your skin , for chooosing makeup you can choose according to your skin tones .You can read Best Makeup Foundation Summer Guide with Skin Undertones Chart
  • which will give you information about which foundation and make up you need to choose depending upon your skin tone.
  • Green Tea : Taking Green Tea in Stomach helps reduce weight , but putting green tea bags on your skin Blemishes the skin colour to a sudden .It just removes the puffiness of skin and let it shine .The Glow you will get with green tea is awesom.
  • Drink coconut water :  coconut water is useful in removing toxins and generate healthy skin texture
  • Rub And Drink Lime Juice : Rubbing lime Juice on your skin for 1 week can immediatly change your skin colour .If you have dry skin then you can mix it with coconut oil and rub it .
  • If your dark colour is due to Hyperpigmentation then try using lemon on your skin daily at night rubbing in circular motion .This will Remove the pigmentation permanently .
  • Rub baking Soda :  This will help remove the dead cells from skin and give healthy skin texture .
  • Suger : Try to rub suger on your skin gently. Do not rush else it will leave marks on your skin .Suger is good exfolicate for skin . You can prepare homemade sugar paste by mixing a 1/4 cup of sugar with very little water. Add a scoop of your daily face cream or a little olive oil and mix well.and rub it where the skin is dark and dull.
  • Yogurt is a great natural remedy for toning the skin It provides radiant appearance. It contains natural bleaching agents that exfoliate the skin .Yogurt also help to improve skin tone and eliminate the uneven pigmentation and scarring.You can Use yogurt by mixing it with water apply it for 20-30 min and then wash it .
  • Milk Powder : Milk powder is also a good source for removing the dark dead skin cells .It also softens the skin and improves skin tone naturally .

If you Try Any Of these method regularly for 15-20 days you will see tremendous change in your skin tone.