How to Give Your Kitchen a Quick Cleanup

So what’s the MIA (Most Important Area) at you home? It’s your kitchen. Perhaps that’s the reason why you get so stressed when the kitchen is messy, and this space seems like a nightmare to you that you don’t even want to get into go. Therefore, it’s essential to spend time cleaning it each day after dinner or maybe before going to bed.

So that when you wake up in the morning, you don’t have to get stressed out because apparently there’s a ton that needs to be done in the kitchen. In that case, we have come up with a few steps that you can do to make sure that your kitchen is perfectly cleaned each day without having you do a lot of work. So let’s dive in

Get Done with Dishes at First

Most of us often have a bunch of dishes and utensils piled up after a day of cooking and eating. So how you start with this. Make sure to start getting done with your dishes and utensils first. This one’s going to be quite simple. Just wipe any left food out of your plates, use a compost bin for that. Just put all the dishes up in the dishwasher and let it look after the rest for you.

Clean up the Counter

Here comes the time to De-clutter. Just remove any clutter that you see on the counter. It will include things that you may have taken out to cook with or use during that time. You are just going to get rid of all these things to have a clean counter. To have it all neat and clutter free, the best way is to line everything up parallel or may be perpendicular to the edge.

Trust me, it makes a huge difference when things are in a perfect line and properly organized. Once you are done with organizing the counter, it’s time to wipe it. And Voila! You’re done.

Quick Touch-up

We aren’t going to take about makeup here, but it’s quite like that for your kitchen as it adds up to the personality of the MIA of your Home-sweet-home. It’s the bright spots in your kitchen that grab the eye right after when you enter the kitchen.

It’s mainly the areas like; glass and stainless steel etc. These get sticky and look bad when they have fingerprints, splatter or drip marks. So you need to get rid of all that swank-ruining stuff. In that case, here’s the perfect recipe you need to get along with.

Add 1 cup water and 1 cup white vinegar to the spray bottle. Shake it well and use it to clean your stainless steel. It would do wonders in getting rid of all that splatter, fingerprints and etc.


Don’t Miss out the Kitchen Sink

Sink in the kitchen is as important as the cheese in the pizza. Admit it! The dirty sink makes the whole kitchen look terrible and vice versa. Here’s a great tip! Just clean your sink at the end once you are done cleaning the entire kitchen.

It’s all because you’ll be using it throughout the entire kitchen cleaning. And for sure, you don’t want to clean it twice or again & again. Once you are done with the whole kitchen cleaning, here’s how you clean the sink;

Just sprinkle the baking soda all over your sink. Grab the non-scratching sponge and make sure to damp it and add some dish soap first. Scrub it well all around, it would pull off all the dirt, and you’ll have a new-like sink.

Note: all the tips mentioned above are the latest standards being practiced by the giants of the cleaning industry. Perhaps that’s the reason why even the most reputable cleaning company in Dubai trains its staff with these great cleaning techniques.


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