How to Fix YouTube Microphone Problem from Your PC

Clear audio and audio volume is always an essential part of any recording. If you are a YouTuber, you already know the importance of quality video. A quality video with excellent content still increases the number of viewers of a video. But the top-quality sound is also essential if you want a different conversion rate for your YouTube video. There is always an argument going on among the YouTube marketer that what is more important for a successful YouTube video that converts a massive amount of traffic, the video quality or sound quality? Most of them said that the audio quality is most important. Well, our post is not about solving that argument. We are here to tell you how to fix your YouTube microphone problem.

There are so many reasons behind the sound problem when you are recording any video for your YouTube channel. But mainly most of the problem creates from our PC setup. So here we will discuss how to solve the problem of your microphone when the problem is start from our PC setup.

Step 1:  First Go to the start menu of your PC and go to your Control Panel. Then you will get a lot of categories there. From there Click on the sound option.

Step 2: After you click the sound option you will see a box like a bellow, Form that box click the recording option. And from recording option-click the Microphone option as it is seen bellow picture.

Step 3: When you click the microphone setup option you will get a box like bellow. There are four options available for you: general, listen, level and advance. Go to the level option, and you will see a box like below. There is Two option, one is Microphone, and another one is Microphone Boost. Most of the people face the problem when their microphone boost level is shallow. So, all you need to do is increase the microphone boost level. That will help you so listen to your voice much clear and louder for your audience. But always make sure that your Microphone option is 100 as it is shown below. Then click on ok button and close the interface.

Step 4: Now go to the speech recognition microphone option.

Step 5: From there you will get an interface where you will get some option. From there click the setup microphone option. Then a new window will appear like below. You have to select the option that is available for you. In case you use your desktop or laptop, you have to choose the desktop microphone option.

Step 6: After you click to choose your desired option. Another window will appear. Just click next. And then click finish button and that’s it your microphone is ready for use for your YouTube video.

But It also needs to mention that PC setup is now always confirmed you a top-quality audio for your YouTube video. You must have a high-quality microphone for your YouTube video. However, you can check the bellow review if you are looking for a mic for your YouTube video, that is written about the Best Microphone for YouTube.

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