The word ‘’thesis’’ refers to the specific statement that has to be proved by different reasoning. A thesis is based on the personal observations and personal research of the student. A thesis can also be referred to as the ‘’findings’’ of the specific student and the topic upon which the thesis is based must be proved on with the reasoning in a theoretical and logical way. Thesis’ hold great importance. When it comes to universities, a thesis is a final project upon which the students have to research and bring up their different observations and different writings in the form of a documentary.
Every student is told to write the thesis on a different topic and this activity increases the student’s knowledge and their exposure as well. Students are also told to carry out different practical activities and observe the topics themselves rather than copying content from the internet. Once the thesis is made, it is even checked if the thesis has some kind of plagiarism and the copied material is not accepted.
A thesis is very important to get an academic degree and many students fail to make a successful thesis because they simply don’t know the do’s and don’ts. Hence evaluation and understanding the topic holds immense importance.

Now the topic of the thesis, might be a different one for each student or it might even be the same for all of them and they might have to write on the same topic. The teachers have to check the thesis work of numerous students. And in the evaluation of which one is the best, some factors that must be especially noticed, are given below.

1- The structure and expression:
The first thing you see when you look at something is how they appear to be. The way that the thesis is presented holds great importance. The presentation must be proper and with proper headings. The word limit must be checked and compared between the thesis of the two students. The one who has a better presentation must be marked.

2- Check for the topic of the two:
The thesis statement might be almost same and might have some differences. That is the basic tool. See how both have utilized the differences to make their thesis the best one and the one who did it better must be marked.

3- Check for the content:
If the topics are exactly the same, check for what has been written into the thesis. The experimentation, observations, analysis are all the different points which help a person make the perfect thesis. Check if the information used is valid or not. If the information is not valid, then the thesis must be discarded. To check same content text comparison tool is trusted most of the teachers.

4- Check for the way the content has been expressed:
Both the students might have expressed their statements in different ways. Students might have a lot to write and a lot of different ideas in their minds but might not be able to express them properly. Proper expression holds importance.

5- Check for plagiarism.
This can be done online and one can see if any of the content has been copied from the Google. It is better to write the thesis based on your personal research and observations rather than copying different material from the internet and lowering the quality of your thesis. The thesis with the most plagiarism must also be discarded.

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