How SKYSITE Makes Construction Projects Mobile

Construction projects are not just about hard labors and brick and mortar. An important part of construction projects are documents and tens and thousands of documents are generated throughout the lifecycle of the project and it becomes imperative to manage all of it.

A big part of managing all construction documents also includes finding information from them or sharing the information. Therefore, lack of mobility especially when it comes to construction documents.  You could be traveling and without mobility you won’t to be able to share information.  In the construction industry, time is of outmost importance and you could be losing out on a lot of precious time. Now, keeping all project information in a digital hub is not an imagined reality anymore, as SKYSITE, construction document management software allows you to store all your project documents and share information anytime, anywhere without any hassle.

All project documents are stored digitally, to find any specific information, you simply need to type the information and you will find all information at your fingertip.

SKYSITE works on all platforms that include IOS, android and even on laptop and computers.  So simply download the app and you can always have access to latest set of documents. SKYSITE is engineered with powerful search features, now it’s simple getting to the right piece of information with SKYSITE.

SKYSITE is the next-generation cloud-based content collaboration platform through which all documents can be edited, accessed, stored and managed. Archiving of construction or other documents, raising RFIs, controlling punch items can all be done with absolute ease. So, even when you are travelling, you don’t have to stop working.

You can create an account in SKYSITE and then add more than one project. SKYSITE is designed with a user-friendly interface and files along with folder can be added within the projects. Logical segregation between different construction disciplines can be done.

The application also has features of restricting access to certain projects by providing a password protection. Making a project as favourite will make it easy for the users to access particular project information among multiple projects in the account. Multiple folders in a tree format can also be created within the projects. Multiple types of files along with formats including .docs, .doc, rtf, .docx, .pdf, etc. and image like that of .png, .jpeg, .tiff can be easily uploaded.

Always Access the Current Set

A smart feature is provided to download only the current set of documents, files. This helps the users to work real time. All projects can be downloaded too. Having the best document viewer in the industry, with SKYSITE you can see the files with absolute clarity. Any sort of annotations can be easily added or viewed. Text and mark-ups can be added. The document as an attachment can be exported to any user. Be it a particular file, folder or a particular text in the file any information is readily available just a click away. What makes SKYSITE so popular among the people is due to its user friendly nature. So simply click and get the right information. Experience the technological advancement by making your construction documents mobile.

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