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How do sunglasses protect your eyes from X-ray

It is almost the second nature that we reach for our sunglasses on a sunny or bright day. This is almost known to everyone that spending a quality time into sunlight can be a serious cause for eye damage and also a harmful headache. And no one can enjoy the sunny day with this headache. We sometimes take these sunglasses for granted but, they are very much important than using the power lances or the shaded if you are planning to enjoy squinting on a sunny day.

Though nowadays sunglasses has become a part of fashion accessories, actually the premier function or the main cause of using a sunglass is to block the harmful X-rays and ultra-violate rays so that, they could not harm your eyes.

Types of X-rays:

X-rays are generally classified into two types. One type is the soft x-ray which usually falls within the limit of the EM spectrum between gamma-rays and Ultra-Violate rays. The range of the frequencies of the soft x-rays is naturally high which is about 3 X 10^16 hertz to 10^18 Hz. And these contained short wavelengths relatively – about 4 X 10^-7 inches or 10 nanometers (nm) to about 100 micrometers (mm). On the other side, the range of frequencies of the hard x-rays is about 10^18 to 10^20 Hz, and the wavelength is about 100 mm to 1 mm.

Source of X-rays:

Gamma-rays and the Hard X-rays both have the same region of the EM spectrum. But the only difference between them is that they are produced from the different sources. The gamma-rays are usually produced by atomic nuclei while the accelerating electrons are produced the X-rays.

Harmful effects of X-rays:

As X-rays are produced when the electrons have stroked a metal target. The electrons accelerated by a huge amount of voltage towards the targeted metal by liberating from the heated filament. The whole energy which comes from the strike of the electrons to the metal target is converted to X-rays. The high range of frequencies which come from the x-rays can directly affect the body through the skin. This rays are comparatively sharper than any other rays and easily can enter and harm the inner part of the human body through the outside of the skin. They can damage our eyes along with our skin. Mainly they are the most dangerous threat to our eyes. Our eyes are the most useable part of us while doing any of tasks or works. Usually, we are not aware of all the source of the x-rays or from where they can produce and affect our eyes. Nowadays the electric supplements are the main source for the x-ray production. We use computers, televisions, video games and many of other things whom can produce harmful rays and can damage our eyes.

How do Sunglasses can protect our eyes from x-rays?

If we can be habituated of using a sunglass while using any of electric source which can produce and provide x-rays then, it could be the finest and most effective habit to protect our eyes from the harmful x-rays. Like, if you are using the computer for hours and you are bound to work on it, then you can put on a sunglass while using it. Or, use the sunglasses when you are cooking on the microwave. Using a sunglass while going out is the best protection for your eyes because there is a huge amount of source for producing UV rays on the open environment. Sunglass can prevent the harmful rays from entering your eyes directly. If you do not use a sunglass, then they can easily harm your eyes from any of sources. Read to get some more information about Protect Your Eyes by Wearing Sunglasses.


Using a sunglass can easily protect your eyes from harmful X-rays. Choose a sunglass according to your choice and keep your eyes secure from being harmed by the dangerous x-rays.

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