How do I fix a Corrupt Video file?

The post pinpoints different methods to fix a Corrupt Video file. Moving forward, this blog also recommends a viable software-directed tool to repair a Corrupt Video file. Technocrats have tried, tested, and approved the software. Read ahead to explore what new is there to take away.

The most gut-wrenching feeling for any videographer ( both professional and amateur) is founding a video as corrupt, damaged, unplayable or missing altogether.  Running into these issues and feeling alarmed is not uncommon but feeling that file has lost forever is off beam. The present market has several viable options to fix damaged or corrupt video file. So, just stay calm and make use of available choices.

Also, do not forget Pauline Kael words:  “Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance in a million that you can do something, anything, to keep what you want from ending, do it. Pry the door open or, if need be, wedge your foot in that door and keep it open. “

This comprehensive guide is all about a couple of tricks to fix a corrupt video file. Mug up to bid goodbye to all worries related to corrupt video file repair.


Quick Glance of Solutions

Quick Fix Other Repair Approaches
Install Correct Codecs Use VLC
Update Video Drivers Repair by Replicating Video File
Upgrade Memory Reduce Video card Hardware Acceleration
  Try Video Repair Software


Fix a Corrupt Video File

 Quick Fix

  • Install Correct Codecs

Sometimes due to codec absence or incorrect functionality, the associated video file shows abrupt behavior. Therefore, correct codec installation is a viable choice. Just download the desired codec & install. Subsequently, recheck the video file. 

  • Update Video Drivers

Presence of outdated video drivers is another reason for video file corruption. Thus, update the drivers to avoid any hindrance. For this, just check the availability of the latest drivers and click update.

  • Upgrade Memory

Even the lack of storage also results in improper video processing. Thus, make sure there is enough memory to run a video file seamlessly.

Other Repair Approaches

  • Use VLC

VLC is more than what is visible. This free media player to view videos also has transcode abilities. These abilities help to convert corrupt or damage files to playable.

Steps included:

  1. Run the VLC Media Player
  2. From Media, select Save or Convert option
  3. Add streams or files that require transcoding
  4. Hit Convert or Save option
  5. Provide Destination Filename
  6. From Profile list, choose an ideal input Codec
  7. Click on Edit Selected Profile
  8. Click Start


  • Involves manual intervention
  • Has possibility of data compromise
  • Repair by Replicating Video File

Another efficient method to fix corrupt video file.

Steps included:

  • Create a copy of original file
  • Rename it to AVI
  • Launch VLC Player
  • Select VLC followed by Preferences
  • Click on Input or Codecs
  • Click Save
  • Choose Always Fix


  • Manual-oriented
  • Includes Chances of data loss
  • Reduce Video Card Hardware Acceleration

Scenarios are where video hardware processing power, which helps to improve performance and accelerate graphics, results in problem creation. In such cases, reducing the same can resolve the issue. Here is a simplified step-by-step guide:

  1. On Desktop, do a right-click
  2. On the drop-down list, click Personalize followed by Display Settings
  3. Now, choose Advanced Settings
  4. Switch to Troubleshoot
  5. Click Change Settings
  6. Lastly, hit Reduce Hardware Acceleration


  • Requires a bit of technical expertise
  • Includes compromise or loss issues
  • Try Video Repair Software

Displayed in last but Video Repair Software is one of the most powerful approaches to repair the corrupt video file. The best point about this method is it mitigates all the risk associated with manual procedures, i.e. there is no manual involvement, no data loss risk, or no compromise issue.

To make repair journey easier and comfortable, here is a recommendation of a top-rated anchor—Stellar Phoenix Video Repair.  With hands on the tool, corrupt videos are easy to repair in fast turnaround time.

Precautions to Avoid Video Corruption

  • Make sure to have a good anti-virus software
  • Update media player regularly to avoid codec related issues

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