How Contraceptive Coil Can Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy Problem

Intra Uterine Devices (IUD) such as contraceptive coil is a small ‘T’ shaped device that is made from plastic or copper. It is placed inside the woman’s womb that prevents you from getting pregnant. It changes the natural environment of uterus so the sperm fails to meet the egg.

There are many types of contraceptives available in all over the world. Some of them releases little amount of hormones into the womb whereas other one releases very short amount of copper to destroy the functionality of sperms.

How does contraceptive coil works?

Generally it makes the cervix wall very thick that does not allows sperm from getting inside the ovary. It also increases the vaginal secretion which creates obstruct the movement of sperm. If the sperm manages to come inside of the womb, the thin wall of the uterus will never allow to implant. The contraceptive coil can last upto 5 years.

What are the benefits of contraceptive coil?

  • It gives you great and long term protection from pregnancy.
  • You don’t need to think about contraception each time of having sex until it expires.
  • You can’t forget to use it like other pill or ring.
  • It can be removed whenever you want to get pregnant.
  • It does not interfere with sexual intercourse.
  • Copper IUDs does not contains hormones.

What are the disadvantages of  contraceptive coil?

  • It can increase the period pain or some women may occasionally feel faint while using contraceptive coil.
  • Sometimes it may cause irregular light bleeding.
  • Copper can cause allergic reaction to some women.
  • You need to go for check up per month to make sure that the contraceptive coil is still in place.

What are the precautions of contraceptive coil?

Keep in mind that a copper contraceptive coil only thickens the walls of cervix to prevent sperms to enter. But it does not work if the embryo has been created previously. However this will not suitable for you if you have:

  • Any sexual transmitted disease.
  • Any complication or had to have breast, liver or cervical cancer.
  • Pelvic or vaginal infection or inflammation.
  • Tumours in and around womb etc.

Contraceptive coil is one of the best options of birth control for those women who are in long term relationships with one partner. It is acceptable for most women as it provides 98 percent chances of preventing pregnancy. However, contraceptive coil gives women freedom to have tension free sex. Most importantly the process is cheaper than the other birth control methods.If you are worried about unwanted pregnancy, it is advised to consult with our experts at Gyane Clinic and know if you require contraceptive coil replacement.