Hong Kong For Cultural Travelers

If you are a traveler who wants to experience different cultures, then Hong Kong could just be the perfect destination. This city gathers the cultural motifs of 2 two different civilizations, creating some astonishing results. The British colonization had a great impact on Hong Kong’s architecture, and here, you’ll be able to find plenty of Western like buildings and decent amount cultural vestiges. If you plan on visiting this city for the first time, there are some things that you need to experience. These are surely some of the most notable highlights that display the true cultural identity of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

If you would like to witness the cultural development of Hong Kong, then a visit to the Heritage Museum is a must thing to do. The Museum is divided into 12 galleries, hosting some of the most impressive cultural and historical exhibits of the region. Here, you will have the chance to admire the ancient art, different manuscripts, notable relics, traditional objects and many other things, all of which will help you in a better understanding of the city, its culture and the history.

Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

Tin Hau Temple was always a popular location in Hong Kong, and for centuries people have been frequenting this sacred temple in pilgrimages. Nowadays, this place is more popular than ever, but not because of the temple. The 2 wishing trees placed in its gardens are attracting million of tourists every year. Among them are people who want to see their wishes come to fruition, and those who are just curious or just want to admire the Lam Tsuen trees. Whenever there is a festival, people always gathering around the trees, write their wish on a piece of paper and throw them on the trees’ branches in hope to see some of them becoming the reality.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Located on a high hill, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is an excellent proof of great architecture, culture, and spirituality. The entire vestige consists in 5 different temples, all dedicated to Buddha. Because of its location, this monastery can be a true oasis of calmness, fresh air, and meditative silence. Of course, the biggest attraction here consists of the collection of golden statues of Buddha. But despite the name, this monastery features not 10,000, but these days almost 12,500 statues of Buddha. And that number is steadily increasing each year.

Local Cuisine

We always tend to try the local cuisine, when we’re visiting a foreign country or even a city. However, when it comes to Hong Kong, having a taste of local cuisine is a must thing to do. Hong Kong cuisine displays the true identity of this city, offers a unique flavor and on top of that, it’s also extremely tasty. The most popular specialty is with no doubt Dim Sum, a dish that features several small portions. These portions are normally made of rice, barbecue pork, chicken or fish, and as such Dim Sum is a great way to acquire the taste of the local food standards and traditions in preparing wonderful dishes.

Traditional Hong Kong Massage Therapy

In Hong Kong, massage is considered much more than just a form of relaxation. Traditional massage therapy practiced is practiced in Hong Kong for centuries, and as such it is known to be helpful in relaxing muscles, calm your spirit, and at the same experiencing a true piece of local culture. You can find a traditional massage salon near the open markets, and for most of them, you don’t even need to have an advanced reservation. The local massage experts are using the same techniques as their ancestors, which are traditionally passed within the families, from generation to generation. Normally, a massage session is often accompanied by aromatherapy, so you will reach a maximum level of relaxation.

When it comes to culture, Hong Kong is like an open book, always ready to share its stories and wisdom with whoever is interested. That’s why, you will never get bored in this city and you will always be surprised to find new places, to admire new vestiges and to appreciate the continuous development of this wonderful city.